About me


My name is Lucille. I am a mantel great dane!

I live in a beautiful city, Verona, in northern Italy.

In my pack there are also two two-legged animals called Mario and Nicoletta. I let them believe they are the pack leaders… 😉 but I am the leader… no doubt!!!

I have two close friends, my neighbours, they are two ponys, Fulmine and Saetta. We keep ourselves company during the day. I will introduce them to you later in one of my posts.

I am really happy you decided to visit my site, I truly hope you will enjoy my adventures!

Bau Bau,

Lucille 🙂

*** If you leave me a message, it will only appear after my paw signature for confirmation… Sorry about that, but you have my promise your comment will appear very soon ***

42 Responses to About me

  1. Oh, I LOVE your welcome page, Lucille – and what a BEAUTIFUL photo of you!! You are just like the famous Italian girls – so chic and stylish and just gorgeous!! 😀

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Margie Lamprecht says:

    Hi there Lucille – you are very beautiful. I have 2 Danes at home, a female Black Beauty called Saxy and a male Mantle called Obi. They don’t have their own blog yet, we are working on that, but I will most definitely visit yours as often as I can, and will send you some messages from my two. Enjoy the love and support that you are going to enjoy in Blogland!

  3. Juneau says:

    Lucille, We must be cousins! I’m a Mantle too and have Italian bloodlines. My human Momma is half Italian. Her family is from the Avellino area.


  4. Mary says:

    Followed the link in Honey’s blog to come visit you. Welcome to blog world and I hope to read lots more about your adventures and about Italy.

  5. Tucker says:

    Hi Lucille – I came to visit from Honey’s site. Welcome to the doggie bloggy world. I’m a Dane too, a harlequin. I live in the States and spend most of my time goofing off. How old are you? I’m just a teenager.

    woof – Tucker

  6. Nice to meet you Lucille! We came over from Honey’s blog!

  7. Claudia says:

    Hi Lucille!!!!
    I saw your 2legged did a fantastic job with this blog…. of course I know it’s all coming out from your ideas do not worry……
    I have some pics of you… i will share later on….. u r goergeous like always
    kisses to all

  8. Kimba says:

    Ciao, Lucille! Welcome to the blogland! Honey told me about you. You’re adorable and I just love your pictures.

    Love, Kimba and Mom

  9. Digby says:

    Hi Lucille!
    Nice to meet you! You are very pretty 🙂
    My Mumma used to have a mantle Great Dane but he went to heaven last October.
    I also have a Great Dane sister named Delta, she is a harlequin 🙂

    we are looking forward to reading aboout your adventures!

    your pal,

  10. Hi Lucille!

    I am the owner of a 3 year old great dane named Elle Woods – we live in the United States, in Chicago. Elle sometimes posts from my blog. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading your adventures.

  11. Homer says:


    I think I’m in love!


    PS: Welcome to the world of dog blogging!

  12. Welcome to the world of dog blogging. We think that your blog is really and really nice and we look forward to reading lots more about you!

  13. kaj says:

    OH WOW i cant believe how much you look Harley girl. Well i mean how much she looks like you. almost twins! Welcome to the blog world. the two of us are looking onward to reading of your adventures and seeing the pictures of you and your beautiful home.
    Harley girl , And Kaj

  14. Jenny and Kadie says:

    Hi Lucille!!!

    I love your coat!!!! I am a one year old black great dane!! I also have a little white on my chest and white paws!!!

    I love your pictures! I heard about from my hero Honey the great dane!!!

    I am excited to hear about your adventures!!

    Lots of Wags from Alabama, USA

    Kadie and her mom Jenny!

  15. Welcome to Blog world Lucille 😀 You are a VERY pretty girl!
    Our names are Lexi and Jasper, we are Great Dane puppies that live in New Zealand!
    We are looking forward to hearing all obout your adventures and training!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  16. Mango says:

    Honey sent me to meet you and I must say that you are a very beautiful gal. Good luck with your new blog.


  17. kri says:

    Hi, I’m kri and my girl friend Usha (5 years old great dane) is the aunt of Lucille 🙂

    she send a lot of kisses to her nephew!


  18. Robert says:

    Like Lucille blog very much.
    C’ha troppo una “bella faccia”

    Ciao bacioni


  19. Minnie and Mack says:


    My 2 legged owner and my brother Mack love to follow the lives of fellow doggies all over the world! I’m a little puggle and my brother, Mack, is a Pug.

    Keep up the blog and we’ll be eager to follow your adventures!

    Minnie Cooper

  20. Ma ciao bellissima Lucilla!!!!!!!
    Che piacere conoscerti!!!
    Ci manda la bellissima Honey e i suoi meravigliosi genitori….loro sono davvero speciali per noi e quindi come non potevamo visitare il tuo blog?????
    Anche noi siamo italianissimi e viviamo in provincia di Asti……
    Noi siamo 3 fratelloni golden retrievers……se ti va vieni a visitare il nostro blog e magari un giorno ci potremo anche incontrare!!!!!

    Noi visiteremo il tuo sito spessissimo!!!!!

    Tanti baciotti e dolcissime leccatine!!!!!

  21. asta says:

    Ciao Lucille,
    My good fwiend Honey sent me .
    It’s a pleasoowe to meet such a gowgeous giwl fwom Italy.
    Yuou awe so lucky to live in such a bootiful place.
    My pawents love it, and ev en I was able to go when I was one yeaw old and spend a whole week in Woma.
    I hope we can be good fwiends even though, I’m not such a big doggie
    smoochie kisses

  22. Dear Lucille,
    It took me a while to find your blog, finally I thought of Honey the Great Dane, voila, I found you there.
    Thanks for visiting me, I love your blog, welcome my dear to the blogging world!
    I’m looking forward to read more of your daily bark.
    I love your background too, cute paws!

  23. House and Jeannette says:

    like others have said
    gorgeous girl
    great website
    I am a black dane in Australia

  24. Brodie the Yellow Lab says:

    Lucille! You’re a beautiful girl! My owner has visited Italy and spoke of its beauty! She also says that a food called spaghetti is very tasty when made in Italy.

    Licks and slobber

  25. Hi Lucille,

    Your blog looks great! I am going to sign up for your newsletter so I can get the updates. Looking forward to reading future posts.

    All the best,


  26. Pup Fan says:

    What a cool welcome page! Stopping by on the blog hop, and can’t wait to read some of your posts!


  27. Pibble says:

    Lucille – you are beautiful! I have a dog named Lucy. It’s great to meet you through the blog hop!

  28. Sugar says:

    Woof! Woof! Happy BLOG HOP Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  29. Leticia says:

    Oh, my goodness…. What a beautiful “kiddo”
    Your pictures are just wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing!

  30. Amanda says:

    What a wonderful Great Dane blog! Lucille, you are a gorgeous girl!

    My husband & I have adopted two Danes & they are so sweet & lovable! Aww, Great Danes make the best four-legged friends! ♥

    Army Wife . European Life . Two Great Danes

  31. ╔═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╗
    ೋ❤❤❤~MERRY CHRISTMAS~❤❤❤ೋ
    ╚═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╝

  32. bigdogzola says:

    Ciao Lucille
    You are on my Blogroll – its nice to read things about your life in Italy.
    See ya sometime

  33. LanaRenee says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your dog is beautiful! I would love to come to Italy for a wedding, I actually receive employee airfare prices.. so it would be cheap for me to come.. just have to find a wedding.. know anyone? Haha!

  34. Lincoln says:

    Hello Lucille !!

    Could not find your email address – please could you ask your human to send us your mailing address so you can get the little something we have for you ?

    Talk soon!

  35. Woooow, you are a beautiful dog. I like your colors.

  36. Wowza! What a big beautiful dog you are! I’m half Italian from Sicily so it is very cool to meet you from the blog hop! We will be back!

    I entered my little dog Kirby the dorkie in a contest and could sure use a vote if you wanted to 🙂

  37. parlance says:

    Loved the ending of your routine for Honey’s dancing competition! It was so loving. I think you both did a great job. Lucille moves so daintily for a Dane. I think all the Danes have really shown what they can do in the world of dancing.

  38. kari0301 says:

    Awww! Cute pup! Come check out Lilly, Lucille! 🙂 http://lillythedane.wordpress.com

  39. Oh Lucille I am so happy to be following another mantle Great Dane. We have been enjoying your adventures for some time now and thought we would say hi. Lot’s of people don’t believe that I am a Great Dane because I am have the same fashion sense as you (mantle). Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  40. Hi Lucille Guess what? I look just like you! I think we must be related. I live far away from you in a very cold place called Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Right now it is warm so I like to go outside and run around the garden with my canine brother and sister. Sometimes I get so excited that I accidentally step on them or even sit on them. My human, Cathy, says it’s because I’m still a puppy and when I grow up I will become much calmer and not do those things anymore. That doesn’t sound like much fun so I don’t think I want to grow up! Being 4 months old is really fun! I hope you will visit my website. My human and I are just learning how to do it and Honey The Great Dane and her human Hsin-Yi are giving us some very helpful hints. We are going to make a blog instead. I hope we can become friends.
    Slobbers and nibbles
    Daisy the Great Dane

  41. Nightshade says:

    Lovely webpage, Lucille!
    And wow… living in Verona! Like Romeo and Juliet! Will be sure to pass by more often!

    Big paw and a slobbery kiss, Killian
    and greetz from my human, Karolien

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