My Family


happy to see you are willing to learn more about me.

As I said in my welcome page, I am a mantel Great Dane, even if many are in doubt about that, since I am a “light weight”…. I am only 45 Kgs!

I was born in a big litter – we were 15 wonderful puppies! My mum is Gaia (Verena – all. Casauma) and my dad was Ax. My daddy was a real champion! 

So it can be that, being the 14th to come to the world, may be my mum was tired and spared some energies… 😀

We even appeared on local newspapers for the unusual number of 15 puppies:

By the way, my mum was even better the second time….18 puppies….

That’s the reason why my humans said they are not letting me have puppies… If I am like my mum…. it would be too much work for them! 😉

Here I am having lunch with my mum, brothers and systers:

This is my dad:










and this is my mum:

Want to get to know me more? Check my other posts! 


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About Lucille

Live and let the others live, that's my motto!
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6 Responses to My Family

  1. Hi Lucille – welcome to the blog world!! I’m so happy you’ve got your own blog – now I can find out all about your life & adventures in Italy!!

    You’re such a pretty girl – you need to post MORE photos of yourself!!!!! 😛

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Bellissima…….. complimenti per il vostro blog.!!!! Lucille e´in splendida forma …cosi´dolce…
    E´´stato un piacere conoscervi….quando Amali sara´a casa (wow!!!!) vi scriviamo…..magari le nostre ragazzze potranno incontrarsi..
    a presto
    Maria e Marlon

    PS (15 cuccioli!!!!!!!???)

  3. Hi Lucille – I love the extra photos you have added of your family! Your Daddy is so handsome and your Mummy is just so pretty – I can see where you get your glamorous looks from – hee! Hee! 😛

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. Brooke says:

    15! and 18! wow! Those are some big litters! Your mom is quite a champ to deliver such big litters! Darwin’s mom had 17 in her litter then they got her fixed.
    Your siblings look so cute! Do you still keep in contact with any of them?

  5. maura says:

    Che dire, e’ un orgoglio, una gioia, un sorriso ed un pianto di gioia vedere persone che amano e rispettano cosi’ un cane che ho cresciuto nella mia vita, la gioia piu’ grande che io possa ricevere dalla vita e’ che i miei cuccioli vadano sempre in famiglie coma la vostra e che grazie a loro, poi diventano amici di sangue, di pelle, di cani.
    grazie ragazzi, mamma gaia e nonna maura sono orgogliose di voi.
    Un bacio grande
    maura e banda

  6. Miss Kylie says:

    Welcome to Blogging Lucille! Our friend Honey sent me over! I am a rescue doggie living in Master Chew Sits, USA. (Mommy says it’s “Massachusetts” if you are looking for it on a map) They think I am a border collie/ flat-coated retriever mix and someone said my birthday is October 3, 2007 which makes me about 3.5 years. I sure hope you can stop by my blog and learn some more about me and we can become great furiends!


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