Training never stops…

I think I am a very well behaved great dane, but my two legged wanna be pack leaders don’t really think so…. 

Can you believe they made me go to school since I was three months old!!!! 😦

Here I am at my early beginnings:

Here I was “not listening” to what they wanted me to do…. with my first teacher, Claudia (very patient)… eh eh eh I did not really want to listen that much…. but I was good (again you have to take my word for that as the other two would comment differently)….:

Here I am waiting for my turn in my car, can you see how small I was?

I could not yet touch the breaks!!! 😛

And do you think time changed things?

No…. they keep on asking more and more…

Sit, down, stay….. Come, heel… it never ends…. not even if it is snowing!!!!

Can you find something worse for a Dane than train when it rains or it snows??? I don’t 😦

I steel cannot believe what is the link between being able to do the tunnel and be a good dog at the restaurant… can you explain that??? whoof 😦 

Well, my two legged have an idea about that so… here I go with the tunnel on the snow!!! sigh!!!

Here you can see my whole performance…..      

PS: have you noticed the cruelty? Since I cannot  (well I can but I don’t tell) do the standard agility tunnel, my human created a tunnel for me…. even if I had not had enough already!!!! Here is my tunnel in detail: two cartons from the recent move, garden chairs, scuba belt weights, boxes of chlorine of the pool….

See you soon!

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3 Responses to Training never stops…

  1. Oh Lucille – that picture of you in the car -squeeeeeeeeeee!!! 😀

    My humans are like yours too – they are always doing lots of training things with me and taking me to lots of different places. But I think we are lucky to have humans like these who care about us and give us full & interesting lives. And because they teach us good manners, we can go to more places with them and enjoy more new experiences! 🙂 I think your human is wonderfully dedicated to make a home-made tunnel for you! Wow! I had a problem with the agility tunnels too because they are always too small – and my human never thought of making a DIY tunnel for me – what a clever idea! 😀

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Brooke says:

    Love your homemade tunnel!
    We took Darwin to puppy kindergarten and back then (at 3months old) she could fit through the regular agility tunnel, but not any more!
    That picture of you in the car is soo cute!!

  3. Homer says:

    Like you, I HATE training…I don’t like school. I prefer to eat and spend most of my time sleeping. I think this is a great spot! 😛

    Man, you are so cute!!!!


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