Walking around lake Garda…

The area where I live is full of interesting places to visit. One of the places I like more than others is Lake Garda.

It is a turistic place so I can get in touch with english, german, french, swedish, spanish friends and more and more ones that I am sorry, I might forget to mention. The pee-mail you get here is of first quality :P!!!

Not to forget that even coffee shops and restaurants treat me much better because they are used to having guests from all Europe and all the world and many are travelling with us doggy friends!

Don’t get too excited … this does not mean you have plenty of spaces where you can go off-leash… no no no… :-(, but you can get a lot of fun anyway…. wharf!!! 🙂

The colours the day we took this picture were incredibly bright: looks like being in a postcard!

Here we were on the top of a hill next to Garda, on the walk to Monte Luppia:

Here I am instead on the beach of the Lake:

Lake Garda is not a small lake, there are a lot of villages around it. This sunday we went to Garda and from this village you have a lot of different walks you can decide to do … you can walk along the lake, or you can go on different walks (easy ones) on the hills and mountain that are facing the lake.

At the top of one of the hills there is a wonderful view of Garda:

If instead you are willing to spend a little bit more enery you can have a proper trekking day:

Just one advice… the place is loved by mountain bikers… so be sure you like bikes… ;)! I did not like them too much at the beginning… wanted to run along them!!! But now I learnt that even if they go very fast they are friends and I do not care if they pass by!!!

It is also a place where a lot of people go with horses… !!! So on one side you can have horse candies (yummy – but I am never able to have any – humans do not appreciate them :-() on the other you can find yourself among a lot of very big four-legged sort of doggies, but much bigger than me!!!

If you have an idea about a bark around us, here are some links to give you a more detailed idea of the lake and of the incredible offer it can give – not only to us doggies!!! You have a wonderful place for wind-surfers, you can go tracking with horses (and doggies) or mountain-bikes!!! Bau Bau!!!




If you pass by – don’t forget to let me know!

Ciao, Lucille


About Lucille

Live and let the others live, that's my motto!
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14 Responses to Walking around lake Garda…

  1. Oh Lucille! What a beautiful, beautiful post!! I love it! The pictures are just stunning – I know it is a shame it is not off-leash but you are SO lucky to have such a beautiful place to walk in near you! I really wish I could come and walk with you…(sigh)…maybe in another life (as the Chinese would say!) I like all the tourist info you give as well!

    Hey! I also love the new additions you have made to your blog! Especially the pictures in your sidebar – everything is so colourful now – it looks fantastic!! 😀

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. my human says she knows exactly how your human feels about becoming a “dog paparrazi” after we started the blog – ha! ha! We never go anywhere or do anythign now without taking a camera machine just in case we want to take a photo to show on the blog! Congrats on her new camera machine – I’m sure she is going to have lots of fun with it!!

  2. Cilla says:

    Found your blog from Honey’s blog. We visited Lake Garda and the surrounding areas a couple of years ago and it was beautiful. I will put your blog into our blogroll at our blogs http://saintcoxdogresort.wordpress.com and http://daimilusllc.wordpress.com. You can see our great dane Shannon on those blogs 😀

  3. Brooke says:

    Beautiful pictures! Im excited to see more of where you live! Its been years since Ive been to Europe and seeing your surroundings makes me want to go back even more! It’s fun having doggy friends all over the world, because you get to experience so many different places!
    We took Darwin to Vancouver Island (Canada) last weekend, and we went on a hike and walked by some horse “candies” and she quickly rolled over in it! Her first time doing that! It was funny, yet not funny at the same time! heehhe

  4. What beautiful scenery. And you’re quite a beauty yourself, Lucille.

  5. Hi Lucille,

    We found your blog through Honey’s blog. It is nice to meet you, you live in a beautiful place. 🙂

  6. Wow! That is one ginormous lake! It looks very gorgeous!

  7. hi there 😀
    we are el’bow & hauwii,
    honey ask us to visit your blog 😀
    we dont have a europe furiend yet! so now we have yeaaah
    keep in touch

    El’bow & Hauwii

  8. The OP Pack says:

    Hi Beautiful Lucille – Honey told us about you and we had to come say hi and welcome to blogging. What a beautiful page you have and someone in your life takes phenomenal photos. We love Honey and her Hsin-Yi, we hope to come to know you and your family too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Jenny and Kadie says:

    What beautiful photos lucille!

    I would like go to all of those nice places! We have nice places here in Alabama but I dont think they are quite as nice as the beautiful places around you!
    Thanks for sharing your adventures!!!
    Wags and slobber,

  10. Teal'c says:

    Hi Lucille! I’m Teal’c from Sydney and me too found your blog via Honey’s blog… She is such a good bloggie friend.
    I looooove the lake. Looks like an pawsome walk.

    Slobbers Teal’c

  11. hello lucille its dennis the vizsla dog hay honey sed we shud come and visit yoo so heer i am!!! that is verry pretty country yoo hav got their!!! ok bye

  12. sprinkles says:

    I linked to you from Honey the Great Dane. You’re a very pretty girl, Lucille! Your country is very beautiful too!

    Che bellissima camminata che hai fatto con i tuoi genitori dolce Lucille!!!!!!!
    Come ci sarebbe piaciuto essere li con te!!!!!
    Ma sai che Paco viene da un allevamento di Verona???
    I nostri umani sono venuti li 2 giorni prima di prendere lui e hanno fatto delle bellissime passeggiate in riva al Lago!!!!!
    Magari ci porteranno a vedere dove è nato il nostro fratellone tutti insieme!!!!!!
    Dolci baciotti e a presto!!!!!

  14. Homer says:

    Lake Garda sounds booti-ful! You I’ve always fancy Lake Como because I want to catch a glimpse of George Clooney. Have you seen him yet???


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