Beauty time….

Yes, I know, I should be happy to be nice and tidy…. well, no … I don’t…!!!

Grooming …? Oh no please!!!

I am so happy I have short hairs – I do not know how poodles or other doggy friends can stand the torture of being groomed so often and for so long… I do not like it… I accept it but do not tell me it is like cuddles… oh no….

When I see my green brush I try and run away…  I look like saying… no, not that brush again… It is strange as I do get a lot of treats, but I don’t like to be touched that much….

Normally my humans would wash me. But when I was smaller, I was a bit naughty… and my humans were still very nice and kind to me… So, they decided that I was stinking too much and I needed a real wash and nail clipping!

So, since they were not able to keep me in the tub (at the time – than they learnt sigh) I went to the beauty shop.

Wow, it was all covered with colourful paws…. on the walls, everywhere…. and there were also lots of boxes hiding very yummy treats…!!! Angela, the shop owner was really nice to me… she kept giving me treats…. I liked it….

Plus I was free to walk around the shop and I even sat on the sofa of her doggie!!!

But than… they took me to the tub!!!!

That’s me… being washed properly!!!!

I could not stand still… I had no control over my paws… I was skating on ice….

Noone seemed to care about it…. plus Angela kept on putting shampoo over me… I couldn’t see… and why am i getting all white…. I am mostly black!!!

Anyway, believe me… Angela has been the nicest grooming lady that I could possibly meet… truly…

So if you are in Verona and you need a bath, go and see her… She will treat you like a prince or a princess… 

I am sorry but there is no image of me getting my nails clipped … it was a very awful experience and it took my human’s help to keep me still.

A few months later, my human decided that she had had enough of my complaints… She told me off so strongly that now I behave … I still don’t like it but I behave very well….

I don’t know why they want to wash me… I think I smell so nice… 😦

See you soon….



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Live and let the others live, that's my motto!
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9 Responses to Beauty time….

  1. Oh Lucille – I share your pain! I HATE getting baths too! Horrible! Horrible! I have learnt to stand still and be a good girl but I put my head down and put on my most miserable face and make myself very small and very sad…but no use – the humans still torture me. You are lucky – at least you don’t live with me human. She gives me a bath every 2 weeks!!! Sometimes even every week if I have rolled in something wonderful & stinky. As you said – I don’t understand why – sheep poo smells so nice!! 🙂

    But I have to say, I do enjoy my grooming – my humans uses a “Zoom Groom” on me – have you tried that? If you haven’t, maybe your humans can try that with you – it is lovely and feels like a massage and very easy to use (here is one of my old posts which has a picture – so you might like grooming better.

    Well, Lucille – us girls must suffer for our vanity, eh? And what’s a little shampoo and water for you to keep on looking chic & gorgeous? 😀

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Mango says:

    I refuse to let momma wash me. She just doesn’t do it properly. I much prefer a day of beauty and pampering at the salon. Nothing wrong with that. I do confess to getting a bit ripe at times.


  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Povera povera Lucille!!!!!!
    Noi odiamo essere toccati da quelle brutte persone che ci lavano e ci dovrebbero tosare!!!§Diciamo tosare perchè fortunatamente i nostri umani non ci hanno mai portato da quei signori li…..loro ci lavano nel nostro giardino e raramente (Per fortunaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!) ci portano in un posto dove sono loro a lavarci!!!!
    Ci dispiace tanto che tu abbia dovuto subire una tortura del genere!!!
    La prox volta se hai bisogno di aiuto noi siamo pronti per venirti a salvare e portare con noi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nonostante tutto dobbiamo dirti che sei davvero bellissima!!!!!
    E che speriamo di incontrarti presto presto!!!
    Qua oggi sta diluviando…meno male che la mamma ci ha fatti giocare lo stesso sotto l’acqua così ci siamo divertiti da matti con lei!!!
    Ora però….ci dobbiamo asciugareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    Buona serata dolce Lucille e a prestoooooooooooooo!!!
    Tanti tanti tantio bacini e dolcissime leccatine!!!

  4. Marjie says:

    It’s so hard to get just the right dog smell about us, and then those humans haul us off to the dog-wash! They are terrible! Sometimes mine even give me a quick washing with the hose when they’re washing the car. The CAR??!! Am I the same as a car? To be fair, though, I love playing in the hose when the humans are washing each other with it, even if they are washing the car, too!


  5. Cilla says:

    LOL… sorry that you had to take a bath… but it was nice afterwards right???
    Voff voff
    Shannon and the gang

  6. Miss Kylie says:

    See I am mean to strangers when I meets them so Mommy would never leave me at a spa with people I don’t know. Mommy and Daddy wash me in the tub or take me to a ‘self-serve’ dog wash where they can do it themselves. It is not fun I tell you, not fun at all. (But shhhh, I do love the extra pets and snuggles that I get after!!)


  7. The OP Pack says:

    Oh Lucille, we feel your pain. We do not like baths, we really don’t like the brush. Luckily we don’t have to be bathed too often, but with our thick coats, we do see and feel the brush often. Our Mom is very gentle with it, but we would much rather be doing zoomies. Thunder spent a day at the groomer’s last week and Phantom gets to go Thursday. Ciara is still young enough that Mom is managing her just fine. We are happy you found such a nice groomer. We don’t mind that Zoom Groom that Honey mentioned, but it doesn’t do much on our thick coats.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. hello lucille its dennis the vizsla dog hay hoo nos why hyoomans do things like this wen they hav no sense of smel ennyway!!! ok bye

  9. oh bath times! Darwin actually walks right into the tub at bathtime, but then wants to walk right out. she’ll put up with it though. last winter she was getting a bath almost weekly because she’d get so muddy at the park.
    thanks for your comment on our last post! we’re still going to keep taking her for the acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, and we are working on touching her feet and lower back to get her more used to it.

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