My name is Lucille… because…

Hi everybody! Sorry I have not been active on my blog during the past weeks and I have not been able to visit your blogs either… But it is not my fault…. It is just that if my humans do not switch the PC on for me, I cannot write to you…. can I? They have been working a lot and shame on them, I also had some of my walks cancelled… ūüė¶

Well, I am late for Frankie’s game, but Honey and her human looked very interested in why I had my name… The story dates back quite a long time, as long as my humans know each other….

I need to start telling you the story of my name by going back a while, long before I was born.¬†My human, Nicoletta, always wanted to have a dog of her own.¬† She had always had dogs, but as¬†very often happens,¬†dogs are taken for the kids but it is the parents that really look after them.¬†Nicoletta wanted her own, she wanted to live all the good and the bad about having one (there is only good things, don’t listen to humans).¬†A dog that would go to her before anybody else (here I sometimes still disappoint her).¬†¬†I can tell you she took the responsability¬†very seriuosly, especially the training one ūüė¶ …

She had no idea that the dog she will end up with was going to be a dane. She thought she would chose something like a poodle. She only had poodles before. This is Perla looking forward to steel a biscuit, but kind enought to stop at the staring… for the moment….:

and sweet little Venere:

But she was now living with Mario, he had to be part of the game and he did not feel¬†a poodle was the kind of dog he would want to walk around… specially if a white one… Let alone with colourful dresses!!!

He wanted something a little bit more like a real dog… (dear poodles friends please do not take this personally – just bite him when you see him… ;))

While they were living in the previous flat they were friends with a Cane Corso named Iachi who lived in the neighborhood.

He was a very big dog but was also very friendly and loved to be pet, so Mario started to say why not to choose a ‚Äúreal‚ÄĚ dog? (We called Iachi “toast” because after you started cuddling him on one side, he wanted you to cuddle him also on the other side… and you could not go away from him if you had not finished your duty or he would cry and call you back… Unluckily Iachi has now passed the bridge and he is in the dog’s paradise)

So, thanks to Iachi,¬†my humans¬†started to search a breeder of Cane Corso and even went to see one of them‚Ķ. There was an adorable puppy but it was too soon… they would only move to the new house in a few months…, so that day they were not ready to take with them that puppy‚Ķ Phew! That was close‚Ķ

When they started to¬†mention to friends and relatives that they probably were going to choose a Cane Corso nobody was very happy, they got a¬†lot of negative comments… ‚Äúyou are going to have difficulties‚Ä̂Ķ. ‚Äú this will be your first dog, you need to have an easier dog than a¬†Corso‚Ķ.‚ÄĚ and so on‚Ķ.

The search started over again…. but definitely¬†the size of the breed was bigger than poodles… Golden Retriever? Border Collie? Labrador? Cane Corso? Schnauzer?

They were confused…¬†Some¬†breeds were too active … or had too much hairs…. too much slobber… bad temper and so on…¬†¬†The selection process¬†was taking some¬†time and this was annoying my human… She had already waited for 10 years before taking one (when Mario and Nicoletta went to live together they could only afford a flat and they¬†did not want to take a dog¬†while living in a flat without garden – as if I wanted to stay in the garden – I want to stay in the house!!!) and now that they had a flat with a garden she¬†had the have the¬†dog… if not two!!!

So she said – poodle is too small? Let’s take a giant poodle!!! Remember this giant poodle ladies?

She was serious so she conteacted a famous breeder of Milan. Luckily for¬†Mario they had not puppies available, they only had a black male, whereas my human wanted a girl, white. Plus they were¬†quite expensive dogs…. They win a lot of beauty contests with their dogs. I mean my humans never thought about doing beauty competitions, they just wanted to start with a dog that had¬† a good health (finger crossed) and a nice temperament (… going for a big size …).

But you know, Mario started to hear these phone conversations, the breeder calling to give information, he started to understand that Nicoletta was really doing something to get the puppy…. so he started his own search too!

When he was a kid he never had a dog. Mario’s family had to do different moves and they never had a house with a garden. They¬†liked dogs, but were not mad about the idea of having one and all the annoying things attached to having one… They only happened to have a dog when they moved for a few months in a place near Cuneo. For 6 months they were living next to the company’s office and warehouse and there they also had to take care of Tell, male name for a Great Dane girl!!! Mario’s father always told baby Mario funny stories about Tell. About the time he wanted to wash her and he was dragged around the garden because she was scared and he had the leash in the hand…

So he had a look for puppy danes… and by chance he saw an ad by Casauma – our wonderful Maura had some puppies available…. We called and went to see the puppies…

Nicoletta was amazed by the beauty of¬†Maura’s dogs… She immediately fell in love with Uma, a¬†brindle great dane.¬† But she was a bit scared by the dimensions… She had bought a car two years¬† before… would that giant fit in her car???

and Uma was kind enough never to hide any secretes… She left a lot of slobber on Nicoletta’s and Mario’s trousers… and they did not care… Good start… 1-0 in favour of them likely to be good dane owners…

She even tried to show them that danes can be naughty… and she showed them how she could climb on a window:

But she was also the most adorable giant….

So instead of going inside to see the puppies¬†Nicoletta startled¬†everybody¬†saying…. “No I cannot see the puppies … I know I will love them… first of all I need to make sure a great dane can stay in my car!!!!!” So the¬†first thing Maura had to do¬†was to take Uma¬†out to my car and¬†had to show me that she could¬†happily stay in the trunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is¬†how my humans took a great dane!!!! Funny eh? A¬†strange way to¬†select a breed…. ūüôā (Surely not as clever as all the studies that Honey’s human did –¬†shame on Nicoletta – but¬†she¬†now says that she would never¬†change me for a giant poodle…)

Now¬†here we are at the name…. As I said Nicoletta was a bit annoyed¬†by the timings…¬†She was a bit crossed with Mario up to that moment, as she thought he¬†was making things complicated because he¬†did not¬†really want¬†all the burdens linked to having a dog….¬†therefore¬†she had made up¬†her mind that¬†once¬†she succeded, she had to have a girl (woman power in the family) and the name had to be “Mia” (that means¬†“mine”¬†in Italian, that equaled to say dear mario the dog is mine).

In reality it was immediately clear that Mario liked dogs even more that¬†she did…¬†They¬†went to see the puppies quite often and Nicoletta soon realised that Mario was going to help with the dog more than what she had expected at first…

So she started to think that calling me Mia would be a bit too hard – there are a lot of dogs and¬† a lof of Mia’s around, but she knew that for them the origin of the name for them¬†was a bit¬†sharp… So they¬†agreed to find another name…

They loved cartoons, so they thought about Margot (Lupin), Jenny (the tennis player), Candy Candy. But they also loved music, so they thought about Angie (Rolling Stones).¬†From that to the next name it was a simple move: on their first date they went to a concert. They went to see BB King. They both still have the ticket of the day…

It was the 5th July 1987. They have been together since that very day.¬†If you know BB King you know that¬†the name of¬†his famous guitar is¬†“Lucille“….

That is why my name is Lucille…


Well,¬†you now know more than that – you also know now, why you sometimes find me around with the “lucillemia” nickname ;)!

And… if you like music but you never listened to BB King, please go ahead and try to listen to some of his best songs… Some are written by him also, others simply re-interpreted by him. Among my favourits: Thrill is Gone, Rock me baby, Guess who, Sweet sixteen, How Blue can you get … Here is a link to Thrill is gone. Enjoy his wonderful music.


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10 Responses to My name is Lucille… because…

  1. brooke says:

    great story!
    I love the picture of Uma in the window!!! That’s so funny!

  2. Cilla says:

    That was a fun story!!!

  3. Mary says:

    BB King is the best. How wonderful that your name is associated with his guitar.

  4. Thanks for sharing the wonderful story of your name. A name with a history of its own!
    Lucille, your humans are so lucky to have you to share their lives with. I bet you have life has been enhanced with the sweet sound of music of your name, muahhh!

  5. That was a lovely story! We are always interested how doggies get their names ūüôā Your name definately suits you!

    Do you like listening to BB King Lucille?

    Licks and lots of Slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  6. maura says:

    senza parole, solo tanta commozione e gioia.
    un bacio a voi tre, spettacolari esempi di comunicazione perfetta tra cani e umani………

  7. Oh wow, Lucille- what a cool story about your name!! I never knew that you were named after a famous guitar! I thought maybe “Lucille” was a famous actress in your country or something…but this is much better and what a nice meaning, coming from your human’s first date! ūüôā

    And that is a lovely, lovely story about how your humans found you. Hsin-Yi thought Uma was absolutely gorgeous – she always loved the brindle Danes best after the fawns and thinks that her next Dane might be a brindle… I think your human is so sensible to check all the practical details first (like the car!) before seeing the puppies because it is true – you just cannot resist Great Dane puppies after you see them!! ūüėÄ

    Thanks for playing Frankie’s Name Game – and I hope you will play the other game too and answer all those questions about yourself! ūüėõ

    Honey the Great Dane

  8. The OP Pack says:

    What a great post – we learned so much about you and your family, Lucille. And the way you got your name is so interesting – thanks for sharing.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. love it!!! ūüėÄ

    it was every interesting ūüôā
    El’bow & Hauwii

  10. We never did play the name game but did enjoy reading about how our doggie pals got their names. Thanks for sharing your story with us, we will have to do ours one day… but our human is so slow at actually getting any posts done at all lately. She has promised to get one done soon though. ūüėČ

    Have a great week! ūüôā

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