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Some doggies are really lucky… they own a boat!!!

Hallo everybody! Thank you for your kind comments to my invitation to play the versatile award game… It was really nice to learn so many new things about you! I have not been able to say hi to all of … Continue reading

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Versatile Blogger Award!!!

Hallo everybody, my human has been lazy in the last few days and I discovered only now that I had a nice surprise waiting for me! Murphy invited me to participate in a new contest!!! The versatile blogger award! It … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – It is our first!


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Birthday Party

While I was a way for my week holiday at Maura’s place, there was a special occasion… Monday 26th July was my birthday!!!! Yes, I am now three years old! My human was very sorry because in three years, she … Continue reading

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I can be the most adorable, pardon, naughty girl…

Hi! I am so lucky you have not seen my humans’ faces yesterday… They were really, really angry… I did it… I did my “best of the year” show yesterday evening during my walk. In all honesty, I am the … Continue reading

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Holidays, staying at my friend Maura’s and the Maldives

Hallo! Sorry I disappeared for a while, but I just came back from a few days holidays! Well, sort of holidays… meaning that yes I was on holiday, but my humans even had better holidays… 😦 Let me explain what happened…. It is july … Continue reading

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