Holidays, staying at my friend Maura’s and the Maldives

Hallo! Sorry I disappeared for a while, but I just came back from a few days holidays!

Well, sort of holidays… meaning that yes I was on holiday, but my humans even had better holidays… 😦 Let me explain what happened….

It is july so in Italy is hot (real hot) and it is holiday time – almost everybody that can afford it tries to go away for a week or more. Mostly in august (but prices are very high) but june and july are also months when people often goes on holiday.

My humans decided it was high time to have a week holiday too… Last time they had been on holiday was the same week of the year before. (They have more days holidays than a week, but for different reasons they do not travel that much… something related to a mortgage… I know it is someting that also bothers others friends of mine… I believe it is a common disease unluckily.)

So, here they are thinking we are going here, we are going there… Here Lucille can come…. Here Lucille cannot come… and I start to panic… the humans are acting weird and having strange discussions… 

Main problem is that before I got into the family my humans were very fond of scubadiving. And they still are! Nicoletta would love to go diving even in Italy (so I could be with them when they are not diving of course). They always make a silly joke about me… They say they already have a shark in the house… ME! Yes, because in italian shark is “squalo” but it is also “pescecane”. If you analyse this world it is made up by “pesce” (fish) and “cane” (dog)… So it is ME! Do you really think I look like  a shark? Well sometimes I am a sort of I guess… 😉

Unluckily after all their boring talks  they agreed that life in the mediterrenean sea is no longer what it was at Cousteau’s times, and that they wanted to meet and say “HI!” to soome of the few remaining sharks of the planet and they booked a holiday at “Maldives” to an island called “Vakarufalhi“.

And what about me? I cannot go to Maldives … Dogs are not allowed there! I have to stay home!!!??? 😦

That is an option, Mario’s father would be more than happy to come and check me out during the day…. but my humans are worried about me, they do not like the idea to leave me alone for so many hours and so many days… They started looking at dogs shelters but they are all so sad… Asking here and there…. I had luck too!!!! Remember I told you about my fantastic breeder? Maura?

Maura is so fond of dogs that not only she is a breeder, but she also is a dog trainer!!!!

Well, Maura told my humans she would love to have me spend some days with her and with my mum!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!  Actually, I could not really recognize my mum and she did bark a lot to me… but… I managed to find a LOT of other friends staying at Maura’s house and at the training camp!!!!

Here we are arriving at Maura’s place:

Maura bought a car that is of the correct dimension for us danes!!! (Just joking of course)

Sorry I have no more pictures of my arrival as my humans were happy – but also a bit sad – and they were concentrated on telling Maura all about my habits, what I do, what I know, what I eat (or don’t eat) and so on…

Maura agreed to help my human – Nicoletta – by sending some pictures to prove that I was ok (my human is always so worried – she puts no real trust in me ever). So they left me at Maura’s on sunday, and on monday they were ready to leave for the Maldives….

I cannot tell you what happened at the Maldives, I was not there, but I tell you what they told me if you like…

First they got on this big animal – called Boeing (???) – and then they had to take a smaller one – called sea plane (it takes off and lands on the water) to get to the island of Vakarufalhi:

They told me it is really worth to try these planes … the view of the atoll from the plane is really nice, see the pictures they took: this is at Male airport by taking off!

From these ones you can see the islands and the clear colour change between the inside and the outside of the coral barrier reef:

They landed in the middle of the atoll, not on the island, so a “dhoni” (typical maldivian boat) hat to come from the island to rescue them!!! (don’t you think there is too much water around??? Fancy colours anyway…)

First picture of the island!

Their beautiful bungalow :): can you see it had a bed even outside, to have a sleep in the afternoon when the sun is still too hot! Wonderful idea, isn’t it?

The bowl you see on the wooden path is for the feet: to wash away the sand before you enter in the room!

The view they had from the bungalow was amazing:

And the beach so soft… they forgot the shoes and went barefooted all week long!!!

One of the questions that one askes himself when he gets to these islands is “how can they be so green…”.? Well, the answer is normally replied automatically by entering in the room and discover these tools in a corner:

Because it rains a lot! So they tell me that if any of you is interested to go to Maldives, be careful… Unless you are divers (so you do not mind to have water all around you) best period to go there is from january to march. Than you can have a good 50% of good weather in July-September. But if you do not dive, either you take your chance and if it rains you attend a dive course, or you could end up playing cards at the bar… but you can do that at a cheeper price at home … 😉

While the nice couple was happily travelling to the other side of the world (not really – half the side) I was working real hard with Maura and her other dogs: two flat retrievers and a poodle. Byrke is the leader, Flu is number two in the ranks, than Oki the poodle, than me as new entry!

Typical day would start by having a nice walk at the park to keep us all fit and happy:

In the afternoon we would go to work. Yes, I know, Maura is unbelievable: wonder woman! She has great danes, she does the trainer and she even has another job – amazing woman! My human feels really small compared to her! So during the day, instead of staying at home she took us all to the place where she works. We would all be supporting her, moving goods around… Well in all honesty, I need to introduce you to another pack leader of the house: Daniela. She is a friend and she helped us out a lot… She was definitely needed in the pack as she is the one that gave me huge quantities of cuddles and I liked them a lot ;)!!! I loved the faces she made to me… I was staring at her with full wide open eyes… I like Daniela a lot!

End of the day we had a meeting to discuss how to organise the next day…

Wow, working in the office is really devastating… Look at poor Byrke… she is resting a bit as it was really hard to complete all the work we had to do…

Time to go home now and have some rest on the sofa:

After all the work, the playing, and the relaxation…. it was time to go to bed! You know, I was new to the house and Maura was worried I felt too lonely, therefore she gave me access with my bean bed to the bedroom!

I truly wish all of you, my barking friends, had a similar treatment when their humans have to travel and leave them at home! I had the greatest time ever! I was never alone (at home I am alone when the humans go to the office for work), I was with friends (both with two-legged and four-legged ones), I was taken to the park where dogs can go offleash (I have none near where I leave)…. I could have stayed over longer!!!!!

The two-legged at the Maldives had a different kind of week… well, first of all they betrayed me for other kind of animals… they are in love with geckos, see what they had in their room:

And some strange creatures they found on the beach: a chameleon! They say they are very good in changing their coat’s colour… I wonder how they can do it… I only know how to roll on something smelling nice to me…

And here Mario is playing with an hermit crab:

They would get up quite early in the morning – as if they were going to the office (isn’t that crazy?) to have breakfast and go diving (always diving….):

Here all were waiting till the two guides in front were discussing about which divesite they would go to – checking weather and sea conditions – i.e. currents, time and so on…

There is a huge selection of sites you can go to, you can select easy or difficult dives, that can be near or far, and they all have some characteristics that make them particular. Here is a quick shot at the map of the South Ari Atol where Vakarufalhi is (bottom right corner):

You know there are different atols: Ari Atol is divided commonly into North and South simply because it stretches down quite a lot. But there are a lot of other Atols, the most known are Baa, North Male, South Male, Felidhoo, Rashdoo, and many more:

Equipment ready – time to leave!!!!

Here is the dhoni’s crew:

My humans say it is beautiful to go to different divesites because you have the chance to see the surroundings… (it is mostly water…) but dolphins sometimes come to play with the boat when you are lucky… and you can see the other islands… They can be turists islands or maldivian islands. Yes because on the turists islands you only have staff working for the resort. Families of the staff are not allowed in the resorts (sad, I know). And the turists can only visit some of the Maldivian islands. This is a view of an island from the Dhoni:

A little bit of time for the sightseeing, some sunbathing and …  it is time to go diving!!! Here is Antonio, the diving center base leader explaining them the dive site they were going to that day: a beautiful one, called “Broken Rock”.

My human is preparing for the dive:

My humans say it is an incredible emotion when you are underwater: you can move in all directions freely… You can swim with the fishes… be part of their environment… (how can they smell them if they have the mask covering their noses??? I do not understand them…)

Here my human is passing under one of the nicest arches you find while diving in “Broken Rock”:

It is a pity but the camera they have has not a big lamp, so colours are less vivid than the real ones.

This other part of the dive was also very nice:

While diving they met a great variety of fishes of all sorts. Starting with small ones:

A little bit bigger friends….:

This was close!!!

Or much bigger friends!!!

These ones are scary… Hei… but these are sharks… so am I looking so frightening??? In reality this kind of sharks are of no harm at all to humans… There are bigger sharks than these – and those are the ones that might be a danger to humans. It is like us, you have dogs that can be aggressive. But it does not mean that all the specie is aggressive…

Back on board they all had coffee or a nice cup of tea… Here Sandro was preparing it:

Life on the resort is very simple. People spend the day on the beach (you can do watersports if you like – surfing or sailing) and than it is time for a shower… Did I mention the strange thing they told me about the maldivian bathrooms? Well… they are much different than ours… They are partly covered and partly open… Well not all the resorts are the same but some are like this… you have a room that misses one of the walls, and you have a little garden next to the bathroom with the shower that has no ceiling!!!!

Funny isn’t it? Well, my humans found it nice, I have other needs you know that ;)!

After dinner they spent the evenings chatting at the bar or looking at the wonderful stars you have in the sky… Here is a picture of the moon rising that they took while they were looking at the sky from their beach beds:

They say that the other important thing they love about these islands is that you can forget all the issues you have left home… you can forget shoes, phones, Tvs, newspapers and just follow the rythm of nature… from dusk to dawn… (??? :(I asked more infos and they confirmed they never forgot me – not for one second – that’s better :))

A week passed very quickly… and it was time to fly back home… On tuesday my humans took the plane back to Malpensa and on wednesday they came to Maura to take me home… :).

Sorry for the long post – hope I have not bored you too much… :)! 

That’s it for this year… at least that I know of… I wish you will have nice holidays too and I will look forward to read your stories on your blogs! Bye for now – I missed you all!

Ciao, Lucille

+++ —- +++

For more information about Maldives you can have a look at the following sites, or if you have any questions just ask me – may be my humans are able to help you or to give you some useful information!


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8 Responses to Holidays, staying at my friend Maura’s and the Maldives

  1. Homer says:

    Ciao Lucille,

    You are back! You went missing for a while and we were wondering where have you been?

    You know, it’s too late to say this to you – you could stay with us. We know it’s not easy to find a decent pensione for dogs. Either the place look so depressing or the price is ridiculously costly. And, it’s not easy to find some one you can trust that’s why my humans take me along for vacations.

    Now now we are in the middle of hot Italian summer. We want to go somewhere, someplace to get away from the heat and some place where I can swim (no sharkies please..). We thought of Como where we might get a chance to see George Clooney, then again we changed our mind because we reckoned Como is going to be pack with tourists. So, we are thinking of Trentino. Nothing has been finalised so…

    Did you meet up with Paco, Milo and Maya?


  2. OH MY GOD!! Lucille! That was the most FANTASTIC post!! I loved it! What an amazing holiday your humans had! The place they stayed looked like paradise (and the place you stayed looked like dog paradise – ha! ha! 😆 ) – I don’t know what to talk about first!!

    Thank you to your humans for taking all those great photos – Hsin-Yi says she has never been to the Maldives but now she feels like she has experienced it a little bit through your post! And we LOVE the underwater photos…I can’t believe you can get that close to those sea creatures! Amazing! Hsin-Yi is a big scaredy-cat and she is scared even when she is snorkelling so she would never learn scuba-diving but when my humans went to Tahiti a few years ago for their 10 yr wedding anniversary, she was brave enough to snorkel in the very shallow waters around the hotel and she saw some beautiful, colourful tropical fish (and some very small baby sharks!) there already – it was a wonderful experience. So she can imagine how magical it must be to really go down and share the ocean with these amazing creatures.

    And your holiday! Wow! What an incredible place! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful breeder – she is like SuperWoman! 🙂 It looks like you were too busy to even think about your humans – ha! And that was so nice of her to bring your bed into the bedroom. I’m sure you got more attention than when you are at home! Did you learn any new training or tricks with Maura? I think it was so good of her to take photos of you during your holiday so you can show us on your blog!

    Thanks again for a great post! And I’m so happy you’re back – I’ve missed my Italian sister! 😛

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Mango says:

    Your humans sure had a big adventure. I don’t think it would have been much fun for you.

    Your camp looks even better than mine! Lots of friends to keep you company and a nice human to make sure you are OK.

    So everything worked out for everybody, right?


  4. Paco,Milo & Maya says:

    Ciao ragazziiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!
    Mamma mia che meravigliosa avventura avete avuto!!!!!
    La prox volta possiamo venire con voi????
    Ci siete mancati tantissimo e ci scusiamo perchè la nostra mamma è stata impegnatissima a lavoro e non ha avuto tempo per fare niente con il nostro blog ne con i nostri amici!!!!!
    E tu dolce Lucille come stai???
    Sai che ci sei mancata tantissimo soprattutto tu???E soprattutto ai 2 maschioni????
    Sembravi così triste in alcune foto…non sai come avremmo voluto coccolarti!!!
    Ci spiace che mamma non ha saputo in tempo di te…se no ti avremmo potuto ospitare noi!!!!
    Dai….dobbiamo organizzare al più presto di vederci….
    Mamma e papà avranno 2 iorbni liberi per stare insieme il 24 e 25 di agosto….
    Magari che ne dite di organizzare qualcosa per quella data???
    Sarebbe bellissimo!!!!!
    Se no abbiamo solo 1 gg di riposo insieme…..
    Non vediamo l’ora di darvi tantissime leccatineeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    FAte i bravi e speriamo di sentirvi prestissimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Noi di solito andiamo in vacanza con mamma e papà in Corsica….il mare è davvero bellissimo e noi possiamo andare ovunque e fare tanti tanti bagni!!!!
    Siamo contenti che siete tornati e che tu puoi finalmente stare insieme ai tuoi genitori di nuovo!!!!!!!!!!
    Dolci baciottini e tante dolci leccatine a tutti voi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tucker says:

    Wow the hoomans went to a really beautiful place. But, i’m not so sure abuot those fishy things in the water.

    You are very lucky to have gone on a fabulous vacation of your own. When my Momma & Dad go away I gets to go to my Grandpawents for the time being. They spoil me,

    woof – Tucker

  6. Welocme back Lucille! 🙂

    Your humans look like they had a fantastic holiday! They plcae they went to looks soooo lovely – Laura is very jealous, she loves the water…she says she loves snorkelling, but is probably to chicken to try diving! Do you know what type of fish that big one is in the photo with your human, it looks very cool!

    Glad to hear you also had a fanatsic holiday! it wouldn’t be fair if they got to go on holiday and you didn’t! Sounds like you got to do lots of fun things and have humans and other doggies around you all the time! Your breeds place looks liek it was well set up for doggies, with all the big grass runs!

    Glad you have you back! 🙂

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  7. Kasha says:

    Hi Lucille,

    I’ve been missing from the blogging land as well…my mom has been too busy working and didn’t want to get on the computer when she got home from work. WOW — your mom and dad had a wonderful holiday. I know my mom and dad would have never set foot on that sea plane…they are big chickens…which is funny cuz as they get older they seem to have lost their sense of adventure…what’s up with that. But I can tell it was a beautiful resort and your hoomans enjoyed their holiday as did you. It was nice for your breeder to take you in for the week. A fun time was had by everyone!

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  8. Hi Lucille,

    What wonderful place for the humans to go on holiday, our human wouldn’t be any good at the actual diving but it looks a fantastic place. Being under the water with the fish like that must be so cool.

    It looks like you had fun too whilst they were away. 🙂

    We are glad you all had a great week away! 🙂

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