Birthday Party

While I was a way for my week holiday at Maura’s place, there was a special occasion… Monday 26th July was my birthday!!!! Yes, I am now three years old!

My human was very sorry because in three years, she has never been able to organise a party for my birthday. Honestly, I do not really care, I do not know what a birthday is!!! But I know what good food is…. I was promised a party, it means fun and good food… that I am always interested in…  and… I got one last saturday!!!!

My human agreed with Max’s human to organise a birthday party so that both me and my brother Max could party together for our 3rd birthday! This was the invitation to the party:

I was very pleased because Maura (my stepmom – ie my breeder) and Daniela also came to the party with Byrke, Flu and Oki, my friends, remember they were those that kept me company while my humans were away (you can check my holiday post if you like).

It was so nice to see them all again!

Gaia, my mum, was left at home instead, as she is too grumpy against other dogs!

I also had another sister invited to the party: Teresa and her friend Penelope, a doberman. Teresa is only 1 and a half year old and she is the daughter of my mum with a different dad. I was a bit envy as Mario said that she is really beautiful. Yes, just because she is all black with just a little bit of white on her front paws…

Because we are a bit jelous of each other, me and Teresa absolutely do no like each other very much. We had a bit a of an argue a few months ago, and yesterday night we discovered that we do not like each other at all!

So instead of seeing if we would “go to the mattresses” for real, all humans agreed that we would need to be freed in turns.. So, some time for me, some time for Teresa. And, in order not to be too sorry, I would need to be in the turn with Byrke, Flu and Oki, Teresa would be in the turn with Max and Penelope.

My human was a bit sorry about this, because in this way noone realised that I would not end up having a picture with my brother by the cake time…

but never mind…  you know what? I got my own cake today: doesn’t it look gorgeous?

It is a big biscuit cake with “happy birthday” written on to it! 

And, since today I am here alone… IT IS ALL FOR ME! Sorry Max – this is only mine! It is as big as a book… My human put a book next to it for you to better understand that it is of an adequate size for my breed!


Happy birthday Lucille!!!!


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Live and let the others live, that's my motto!
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6 Responses to Birthday Party

  1. Lucille and I have the same birthday!

    Happy birthday Lucille.

  2. The OP Pack says:

    That was a very special celebration. We loved your cake – bet you enjoyed it too. Happy Birthday, Lucille.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. lee marc says:

    Happy Birthday Lucille.I love the cake so great.Its so yummy!

  4. Homer says:

    Hi Lucille,

    Happy Belated Barkday!


  5. Tucker says:

    Happy Birfday!

    woof – Tucker

  6. Hi Lucille – so sorry I am late but belated Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful, amazing giant birthday cookie you got! IT looks delicious!
    And you’re so lucky to get to have a birthday party with your brother – I have never had a party with any of my siblings.

    Wow – 3yrs old – that’s a proper grown up lady now! 😉

    Honey the Great Dane

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