Some doggies are really lucky… they own a boat!!!

Hallo everybody! Thank you for your kind comments to my invitation to play the versatile award game… It was really nice to learn so many new things about you! I have not been able to say hi to all of you yet, but I will be shortly, paw promise!

You know I have been away for a few days, yes my humans brought me back to my breeder, Maura, for what could be called a long weekend on the French Riviera, alone :(!

The French Riviera, called “Cote Azur” or “Costa Azzurra” is firstly a very well known place, because it lists places like “Montecarlo”, “Cannes”, “Niece”, “Saint Tropez” and “Menton” the place where they were invited to stay.

(picture is not very good from the car: it was not raining… only the huge amount of insects that had smashed on the front shield… :()

I do not believe I need to tell you more about Montecarlo, the Prince of Monaco, Carolina, and all the related gossip that surrounds the place. The coast is really beautiful, even if you can guess that from my human-s perspective there is too much concrete… but that is the same in Italy. We spoiled our beautiful coasts with houses and hotels everywhere.

Anyway the place is still beautiful. There are little villages, such as Eze, that is behind Montecarlo where you can really get breathtaking views of the coast from the hills. Menton is 450km far from where we live, but august is a holiday period and many people are travelling by car. Normally it takes 4 hours to get there, more if the traffic is bad.

The reason why my humans went to Menton is that they have friends that are lucky to have a small flat and a sailing boat in Menton!!

This is their boat:

It is a 39 feet sailing boat. You know, at first I thought it was a small one. You can sleep in 6 people there, but you are comfy in four. Problem is, I discovered only later, that you really need a lot of money to buy a sailing boat. Not only is the boat expensive, but also you have to pay to have a place to stay in the port!!!

These are some views of the port and of the nice boats we saw there… (My human willingly avoided to take pictures of the bigger yachts as they are so big and so luxury that they looked fake to her, being a normal poor citizen paying all her taxes…):

This one that looks nice but old fashioned at first sight, could take you around the world! (provided you know anything about sailing and I don’t… ;))

One day my humans were out sailing with their friends and they bumped into this huge boat: do you know what it is?

It is called “the Maltese Falcon”. It is the biggest sailing boat existing at the moment. It is only(!) 88 meters (289feet) long. The sails are automatic, you press a button to release them. They rotate. Apparently thanks to the fact that everything is run by computers, only one person could sail with that (not sure but so they say). It costed something like 100 million dollars and you can rent it for a week if you like at 450.000 $ expenses excluded of course! 

Anyway, back to what we like most: my humans discovered that the French Riviera is the nicest place they have ever been t0 for us doggies. The two-legged can take their doggies everywhere! See how many my human caught in less then a  minute around the cafe where they were having breakfast!

My humans were really happy to find this atmosphere that they want to take me there for a few days soon (I will keep my paws crossed).

Well listen to this: at the port many people had dogs (even a cat) on board! There is a very lucky Labrador, called Sissi, that even has her name (and paw!) on the boat, look here, this means its her boat!!!

They told us that she is so fond of water that she jumps out of her fabulous boat, has her swim and than …. her humans “fish her back”. Apparently they have not bought a “skamper ramp” yet, so they keep some kind of “harness” on her and when she is tired of swimming they manage to get her back on board!

Apparently no one had heard of these ramps there, so my human told it to  a few people… everybody was very interested… Pity she is no real seller otherwise she could have paid back the holiday! In all honesty I must tell you the truth: my human bought a ramp for me, but… she never managed to make me use it! I hate water and she had no luck in getting me on to it… so may be, better fish the dog than spend money for nothing!!!!

While our friends were sleeping on the boat, my two-legged companions were sleeping in the small flat their friends have in the old part of Menton:

The flat is in the old part of the town, near St Michell’s church and it is really a unique atmosphere there…

So… sorry I can tell you more about me today… this time the two-legged were having more fun than me… 😦


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6 Responses to Some doggies are really lucky… they own a boat!!!

  1. The OP Pack says:

    What a beautiful place your humans went to visit! Thank you, Lucille, for taking us along on that photo trip. Our Mom says she would love to go there one day too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. How beautiful. Hopefully, your humans will take you there!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. Carol and Bruce (the black great dane) says:

    Wow what amazing and beautiful photos. We would love to visit there too! Bet you were glad, Lucille to see your humans back. Slobbers, Brucey.

  4. Oooh, can we come next time?

  5. Kasha the Dainty Great Dane says:

    Hi Lucille,

    What beautiful pictures…you hoomans are lucky to be able to go there. Can I go next time….I’ll just fly over and meet you…Ha Roo.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  6. Hi Lucille – thank you for the great welcome back! It’s good to be back home and catching up with all my friends again.

    Wow! Your humans went to a REALLY nice place! And Hsin-Yi is wondering – is there some kind of magic in Italy or something? It seems like EVERY corner of your country is beautiful! Every picture looks like a postcard – wow! Especially the ones of the boat on the water. I really hope your humans take you there next time – I want to see a picture of you in that place! 🙂 My humans went to a boat show when they were living back in NZ and they loved looking at all the luxury yachts and going insides to see all the rooms and amazing gadgets and stuff. Hsin-Yi said it is like being in a “007 movie”! 😉 But yes, it is very expensive to have a boat…ah well, we can dream! At least your humans have friends who have a boat – that is good luck already! 😛

    Thank you to Nicoletta for taking all those great pictures to share – it feels like we went on the trip with them!

    Honey the Great Dane

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