Moon Festival… I celebrated it too…

I truly liked Honey’s post about the chinese tradition to have a festival for the Moon, I found it really sweet… My humans are often with their nose up in the air looking at the sky… They sometimes drive up in the mountains to look at the stars (for example on the 10th of August, the famous San Lorenzo night where you see so many falling stars). Again, why being happy if the stars are falling? Being happy because they are having a hard time? Humans are really weird…

It is another thing they love about Maldives they say: they spend hours in the night looking at the sky. Near the cities you cannot see the stars well, they are all confused by the city lights. There instead they say there is a show going on every night.

Other times we have been walking on the beaches of Lake Garda with the full Moon and we had (the humans had) a romantic walk… Well, I just know I could really see as if the lights were on! This picture was taken at the beginning of sunset:

But what I did understand that my friend Honey (check her latest post or click here to go to it) had a real cake for the occasion.

So, my human that is so fond of stars and of the moon found the Moon Festival really nice and she did a cake too…. (real festival, I believe my human did ten cakes in all her life):

Can you see, she put a paw on it, does it mean it is all mine? No…. she did another one for me…. but it is too small!!!!!!!

Thanks for the smiley face… but I’d like some more… can I have more please???

There is no more smiley faces… well, what about your cake? You are always on diet, I will help you finish it!!!

Let me taste it – at least I can make sure it tastes like mine….!!!

Thank you Honey for your post – I really like it when your human inspires my human for cookies instead of training!!!




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9 Responses to Moon Festival… I celebrated it too…

  1. Homer says:

    Ciao Lucille,

    Wow! You celebrate Mooncake festival too! Unfortunately the Missus don’t so I have no idea how it tastes like. She mentioned that it’s like eating a spoonful of peanut butter paste…well and abit sweet! But yout mum’s versions look delicicous and the Missus want to eat what your mummy baked too! So, save some for out next outing and keep our paws cross that it won’t rain. (oh yeah, the weather was great on Sun but too bad my Dad had things to do).


  2. Homer says:

    PS: The first photo of your mum and yourself was well taken!

  3. Wow, Lucille – how exciting that you celebrated the Moon Festival too!! 😀 I’m so honoured that you were inspired by my post! And I have to say – I am very envious that you have a human who can bake cakes. Mine can’t bake to save her life. The one time she tried to bake a cake, she put salt instead of sugar by mistake! 😕

    Your cake looks so beautiful – and so cute! Love the paw print – and the smiley face! How did your human make those patterns? She is so clever – and so artistic! You must tell her to make you a special cake when it is your next birthday! 😛 Hee! Hee! I like that last photo of you with your tongue out!

    By the way, is the moon really bright and round now in Italy too?

    Oh – and that picture of you and your human at sunset is just beautiful! What a lovely sky!

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. Hi Lucille! We love Honey!! In fact through her we found our way to all of the wonderful doggie bloggies. We also saw the Moon cake post! Guess what my mommy did? She looked up a recipe for moon cake and is planning on baking it this weekend!!



  5. Jed and Abby says:

    What a beautiful cake your mama made for you! Looks tasty. We’ll have to start giving our mama the sad-eyed “where’s our cake” face. We can celebrate a Chinese holiday in MerryLand, USA if you can celebrate it in Italy! We’re all in favor of celebrating all the international festivals we can find as long as foodables are involved.

    Sniffs & wags – Jed & Abby in MerryLand

  6. jamesviscosi says:

    That’s a lovely paw-cake, Lucille!

  7. Carol and Bruce (the black great dane) says:

    Lucille you lucky dog. Your moon cakes looked fabulous. When my mum makes a cake there isn’t much left for me (after all the kids have some) but she always saves me a piece of hers. I don’t think she can resist my sad eyes (ha ha). Slobbers, Brucey.

  8. mm that looks like a good cake!!

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