Sunday trip on the west side of Lake Garda among horses, dogs and puppy dogs!

This sunday I had a nice unexpected trip on the other side of Lake Garda.

Ok I think I need to give some more infos about this lake and be a bit more specific. Lake Garda is the biggest lake in Italy so there are many villages surrounding it, every one of them is nice and something interesting. Normally me and my humans go to villages that are on the east or south east side of the lake, like Bardolino or Garda, but this time we went on the west side. But first we went to a place called “San Tommaso” that is on the hills just next to the lake (see the arrow on the bottom left corner):

The landscape  of the hills near the lake is really nice, green hills full of little streets where people can go trekking, or with mountain bykes or horse riding. Easy walks, but as long as have forces to go. We have been invited there by friends that love horse riding. They have a lot of experience and they own two beautiful horses.

So, while they were out for their ride, we had a walk around. See who I met as soon as I got to San Tommaso:

Hallo Donkey!!! Tell me, where are Shrek and Fiona?

Hi! Pleased to meet you! Sorry can I check out exactly who you are’?

Ok, you are a real doggie, a lady like me (…)!!!

As usual, let’s make clear that I am the boss…. for the happiness of my human…. but I was not rude, she surrended … it was no fun this time!

You know, these horses seem to travel very comfy… let me try their trailer out…

Wonderful… it just misses a sofa or two and it would be perfect. Honey, what do you think? We no longer have to bother about getting a ramp if we use this one, eh? Plenty of space for a fridge to keep our water cool… and some food of course… yes definitely! Space for a few other friends also!

The horses are back! (sorry there are not many pictures about me and the horses as my humans were a bit worried, but I behaved as if I was one of them …. Ops am I? …  I hear so many people call me horse that I sometimes get confused…)

I loved to stay in that place… first of all noone was scared by me… A lot of people that go horse riding also have a dog and it is common to have unleashed dogs running around… I liked it… wow… I am going anywhere I want, me and my new friend, fantastic!

It is really nice to be a horse they say, they cuddle you quite a lot. But I am not sure about that… It is so annoying to think that you need to carry your human around… on your back (ouch)… They put you a strange kind of collar… it passes in the mouth… how cruel! And they wash you each time you are back from a walk… they even put iron things to your paws… Oh.. poor animals… I call it enough to have humans by my side that keep on telling me what to do, where to stay, when to sit, when to smell, when to pee… if I had them also on my back! Oh what a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!

While everybody was taking good care of the horses, we went down to a place called “Montinelle”, waiting for our friends to arrive also (they live just near there in a village called “Manerba”) because they wanted us to go to their house to see a surprise …

Here we are! We parked the car a bit outside the place because it is really small and in summer it is full of people…

I am walking nicely next to Mario as I am happy I have no human on the back… (no it is just because I run a lot with the doggies before… eh eh eh ;))

There are wonderful villas behind these gates but you start to see the lake ….

One of the houses even had the Niagara falls next to it (not really… ;)), so we can say it is a place for reasonably well off tourists… look at the view of the little port crowded by boats to prove it….

Whereas the port within the village is small… so only for tiny boats:

well, not all of them are really small…  Here I am in the “city center” :D:

Ehi, but today is really my day… another friend! His name is Sleepy: believe me, he was not “sleepy” at all… what a pity I could not show him good manners… Unluckily I cannot be unleashed here… next time pal…

Time to get a coffee… for my humans, only water for me… and some bread, my eyes made effect on the waitress ;):

Look there, another friend! And another…

This girl will have troubles one day or another….

If I hide here I can surprise them… eh eh eh… QQ bau bau!!! (this is what children say in a silly game they play where they hide and than scare the humans passing by)

Can you see this lady with two big dogs? Hmm… Looks like she will be soon in bigger troubles than the girl.. Should I bark to check? No I am nice, I behave for this time… Time to go and see Corrado and Anna now… I wonder how Becky is… Becky is their dog, a wonderful Weimaraner that usually follows them in their horse rides. But these last few months Becky was a bit busy… yes because… she had puppies!!!! Look at the way they assaulted my human!

They are really nice (humans say so…)

Hey you, don’t look at my humans that way…. I am their dog…

Must really admit they are really nice…

Let me smell you…

You know, you are really small…

Hei, don’t you dare play with my tail… I am still bigger than you…  Ops hei, what is going on down there…. Becky, the mother, wants to steal my car:

Poor Becky, you certainly had enough of your puppies by now, hadn’t you!!!

Well … as far as I concerned, I have!!!! Please bring me home… Alone!!!

Wow…. I am so happy I am back at home… Night friends, I am really “sleepy” now…

Ciao Lucille


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6 Responses to Sunday trip on the west side of Lake Garda among horses, dogs and puppy dogs!

  1. The OP Pack says:

    Lucille, we so enjoyed this post and your previous one. We love seeing all the interesting places of other countries. What a beautiful lake!!! And you had so much fun meeting all those different dogs. We must say we loved those little pups – don’t they have the sweetest faces?!!! Thanks for sharing your fun.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Oh my goodness – those puppies have the most incredible blue eyes! Look at their faces! SOOOO cute!

    But I agree with you, Lucille, about not bringing any of them home! I had to babysit a little niece of mine last year – she was a bit older than these pups (4 months) and gosh, she wore me out! I was exhausted after spending a day with her and I was so glad to come home to my own house and my own bed and peace & quiet with NO puppy! A lot of people left comments saying my humans should get me a little brother or sister but NO WAY! I’m glad Hsin-Yi is a “one-dog person” – puppies are fun to play with for a while but I wouldn’t want one living with me full-time!! 😯

    You live in the most beautiful country – really – any random corner looks like a postcard!! My favourite pictures are of the boat harbours – the sky is so blue and everything looks so beautiful!

    And wow – horses! I thought you were very brave. I have never been up close to horses – I have only seen them in a field far away. My humans are a bit nervous about how I would behave around them since I didn’t get a chance to socialise with them when I was a puppy. And they’re worried I might try to sniff their bums or something – and then get kicked in the face!! 😛 But Hsin-Yi does wish that she had somewhere like where you went that she could take me – so that I can get used to horses and be able to enjoy my freedom and run free! She can ride (but not very well! She is a coward and afraid to go fast!) – so it would be cool for me to learn to run next to a horse (although I think I would need to lie down for a rest after 10metres – ha! ha!)

    What an action-packed weekend you had! I’m so glad your humans took lots of photos to share on your blog!

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Carol and Bruce (the black great dane) says:

    Hi Lucille and family. What a lovely day you had. You were so well behaved, I bet Nicoletta and Maria were proud of you. The pups were so sweet too. Glad you had a great time. Look forward to more of your adventures. Ciao Carol and Bruce.

  4. gatta patata says:

    it seems you had a wonderful day over there… how brave you are with all those humans and all those dogs and all those horses around you!!! me i prefer my humans cozy bed, but anyways…
    how are niki and mario by the way? why are there only pictures of mario with you and not of niki????

  5. Carol and Bruce (the black great dane) says:

    Hi Nicoletta, just re-read my reply to your blog. So sorry Mario, typed your name wrong. Love Carol

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