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Hope you are all having a happy Xmas with your families and friends! Slobbers, Lucille & Humans Advertisements

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Tricky T-Day – Playing W.INS. with your toys

Ciao today I want to write to you on my own. I would like to tell you about tricks. Tricks are normally very useful for rainy days or cold days, days in which you are not really looking forward going … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Blues … part two… to be continued…

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Comfy dane wants to have clean teeth …

I am catching up with my reading of your posts, as I am really behind with them, and one of the posts I bumped into, was about Honey having some issues with her teeth… Well, I have the same issue… … Continue reading

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Wordless Winter Wednesday

PS: the fur… it is not a real one… 😉

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Xmas atmosphere in Verona

It is definitely winter… It is freezing here! We went for a walk in the city center this afternoon and it was really cold (3 degrees)… The other annoying thing about our weather at the moment is that it keeps … Continue reading

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Shame on me… but it is not my fault!!!

Hi everybody! I am back! I missed you all so terribly! My human decided to go on strike… she told me she had issues with her parents, too much work to do… and I was so sad not to be … Continue reading

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