Xmas atmosphere in Verona

It is definitely winter… It is freezing here! We went for a walk in the city center this afternoon and it was really cold (3 degrees)…

The other annoying thing about our weather at the moment is that it keeps on raining… we had I cannot remember how many weekends of rain. You know, it is not really the typical weather here… Cold is normal in this period of the year, but not all this rain.

Anyway, in the city you start to feel that holidays are near… Trees are all dressed with little shining lights. People are going in and out of shops to look for presents (Will I get one? Who knows….)

Here I am in front of the Arena, the famous ampitheater that the Romans built when we had a LOT more power and meaning in the world than we have now …

If an “UFO” looks at us now, he won’t believe we are the descendants for such a winning generation… 😉

Probably you saw “Gladiator” with Russel Crowe. Well Gladiators used to fight in Arena, this kind of oval buildings, the most famous in Italy and in the world is the “Colosseo” (Colosseum) in Rome. The Colosseo is still in good condition on the outside, but it has been severly damaged in the inside. The Arena of Verona instead is intact inside, infact during the summer we have operas being held in the Arena (no more gladiators, just actors and musicians :), so we animals are safe now!!! Phew!!!). Yes because at the time gladiators could fight against other men, or they could fight among animals, such as lions and tigers, and the results could differ from time to time… you can surely understand!

Anyway, since we are now on holiday time, the council tries to make our city even nicer and it is years now that they build (just during the holiday time in December) a big star, a “comet”. It is big, isn’t it?

Surely you will also have noticed that I have a coat too! Finally my human understood that I can freeze too… so this year I moved her heart and she bought me a wonderful black coat with red inside… I will be telling you more about my coat soon!

Here you can see it better, don’t I look good? It is comfortable and warm and waterproof (sort of)…. I like it… The only part I do not like are the strings that keep it down behind… I have to put in my rear legs… I will show you in a separate post… but apart from that it is nicer now to go out even when it rains (light rain, heavy rain I hate no less that usual)!

See you soon!

Ciao Lucille


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4 Responses to Xmas atmosphere in Verona

  1. Carol from Down Under says:

    Oh Lucille, your city looks wonderful. Even though it is cold it looks exciting. Also your coat is very chic. You must be very well behaved to be walking in the city at night. Well done. Love all the photos. Keep warm, hugs to you, love Carol.

  2. Tucker says:

    Oh I luvs your coat! I have coats too and my raincoat has the leg things you are talking about. They are a pain but they help hold the coat in place.

    woof – tucker

  3. Oh Lucille! I could feel the cold just LOOKING at your photos! But they are beautiful – I especially love the one with the big star. And yes, you look very chic! (Well, what would we expect from an Italian Dane – ha! ha!) – I can’t wait to learn more about your coat. It does look very warm and cosy!

    Hsin-Yi was interested to read about your Arena – when she visited Rome, she went to see the famous Colosseum and was very impressed, although she is also glad that they don’t fight animals in there anymore (or even humans! – horrible bloody sport!)

    By the way, she wants to tell Nicoletta that she loves her blue scarf & gloves!

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. O wow it is so pretty there, and full of history 🙂

    You do look nice and warm in your winter Jacket though Lucille! We have a winter Jacket, though only one….hmmph! Our human got given it, it is a very fancy one, wool and water proof – to be honest it actually looks like a horse cover…..!?

    Keep warm! 🙂

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

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