Comfy dane wants to have clean teeth …

I am catching up with my reading of your posts, as I am really behind with them, and one of the posts I bumped into, was about Honey having some issues with her teeth…

Well, I have the same issue… I mean, my human also gives me bones to help me keep clean teeth, but in the last few weeks, I would not be interested in them…

My human could not understand why, till she read Honey’s post….

She had not yet realised that the reason I was no longer eating them… was because I no longer had my soft carpet!!! You know, since it is cold now, I don’t like to stay on the grass in the garden and I need somewhere comfortable and soft to stay on if I have to concentrate on my bone!

You know, the carpet I had in the kitchen was very soft… But my human said it was old and … stinky… So my human thought it was no longer worth it to take it cleaning. The promise was that she would take another one… instead she still has not :(!!!

How dare she… She gave me an old one that is not very softy…. It is good enough to lie down… but simply that….  Now it is too cold and my knees hurt and I am no comfortable to eat over there… I need a softy one…

So while my human was trying to understand, she took another one to the kitchen, that is old but quite comfy… that would have been good news if… she had not the idea that I would make a mess on it and bought a plastic table cloth to put above it for when I have bread or a bone to eat on…

Hallo!!!! I am a great dane!!!! Not a silly dog!!! I know my rights!!!! No way I will eat on that plastic thing!!!! Gosh, I cannot eat on the corner either… hmph…. well, better not to eat at all than…

So, when finally my friend Honey explained that we have to be comfortable, she replaced the plastic with a softy blanket… See the result for yourself….

My human is now very crossed and confused… But I am really happy….

On one side my human would like me to eat my bones because they are good for my teeth, but on the other side she would not like to keep on washing blankets… plus she believes I will end up making a mess on the underneath carpet anyway… “She needs to find a better way to solve this problem…”

In a few words…. I had my bone today, but I don’t think I will have another one till she has found an hygienic solution… AARRGGGHHH

What about my rights? I might end up wait till next summer, what do you say? When I will be able to eat them peacefully on the grass???

I will let you know what the future of my teeth will be … because they are in great danger!!!!

Ciao Lucille 🙂


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Live and let the others live, that's my motto!
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6 Responses to Comfy dane wants to have clean teeth …

  1. Ha! Lucille – you look like you’re really enjoying a good chew! Do you also chew more on one side, like me?

    I guess I am very lucky that I live in a country which is always pretty warm – so even in winter, I can go outside to eat my bones…as long as my humans put something soft down for me to lie on! It is much harder for you! One of my other blog friends made a very good suggestion which was to use a yoga mat – this gives good cushioning but is also easy to wipe clean so your human won’t have to wash it everytime like a blanket! the only problem is that yoga mats tend to be narrow strips – and so I always come off the mat as I move around with the bone! 🙂 Maybe a big towel under the yoga mat? Hsin-Yi actually thought Nicoletta was very clever to put the plastic tablecloth on top! She was thinking of using a shower curtain for me – but maybe I won;t like the sensation either, like you!!

    Actually, you know, my human discovered that the main reason I was not chewing my bones was not so much somethign soft to lie on but that I could not bury them!! Yes, I don’t like my bones fresh – I only really like them after they have been buried for a day or two and are really stinking – and then I will chew them and chew them for almost 1hr! So because my humans have not been letting me bury any bones here, that is why I haven’t been wanting to chew so much. Then a few days ago, I managed to hide my bone before they saw me and so they couldn’t stop me – and then I dug it up again a few days later and YUMMYYYYYYY! It was delicious! I chewed it for neary 1hr! So now my human is ‘crossed & confused’ like yours because she doens’t really want to let me bury bones everywhere here (there are rats & GIANT cockroaches) but it seems to be the only way I will chew my bones!!! 🙄

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Tucker says:

    I eat my bones on a towel. I completely understand the needing a soft place to lay – I mean seriously hard floors are not for me. Also, I don’t like corners either, I likes to be the center of attentions 🙂

    woof – Tucker

  3. brooke says:

    plastic table cloth! That’s outrageous!
    We do a big blanket and lay it out… it is a pain to wash all the time, but better than washing the carpet!

  4. Mango says:

    I have the same problem. I always eat my nommy bones outside, but when it gets cold, I am supposed to enjoy them inside, but I am not keen to do it on some weirdo blanket or towel. What is wrong with the living room carpet I ask?


  5. Carol from Down Under says:

    Oh Lucille, I understand your problem. Oscar and Brucey had an old three seater lounge that they rested on outside and would chew their bones on it. The funny thing was, that sometimes my kids would have friends over and occasionally one of them would sit on the dog lounge. Yucky yucky yucky. Get Off, we would yell. That’s the stinky dog lounge. It was hilarious. Hope you come up with a solution. Hugs to you, love Carol.

  6. Kasha the Dainty Great Dane says:

    HI Lucille,
    That bone sure looks yummy….I’m glad your mom finally let you have it on that blanket…I hope she gives you more bones and what’s the problem with her doing laundry all the time??

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

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