8th March, Womens’ Day? Let’s party …

Today is the 8th of March, some say it is the Women’s Day! Well, in the past the idea had a meaning, nowadays instead everything seem to have just a commercial purpose and noone really cares about what the original intentions were…

Well, I do not know about that, but I just know I had a party with my human! We, females of the family, took advantage of an absent male presence (justified absence due to a working dinner) to have a private party!!!!

Well the day started with a nice bunch of flowers, Mimosa (don’t know how you call this flower in english) but in Italy, men buy Mimosa for their ladies, colleagues, friends (not more as in the past, but some still do). Mario’s father had left them for my human in the morning, so she had a nice surprise when she came home at lunch time to see if I was ok!

She got so happy that she made me a present too: a new blanket for my sofa!!!

Do you like it? It has doggies on to keep me company in my sweet dreams, nice, isn’t it?

My human likes it because there are different colours, so that stains of any kind are not immediately visible :(, what does she mean? I am very clean, you do not know how much I am keen on my personal toilette ;), chest, legs, paws, ehm ehm you know what else…!!!

But the greatest present of all was….. ICE CREAM!!!!!

My human loves ice cream and she likes the fresh made one, but it is still too cold now, and the shop that is near us has not opened yet… So in the fridge we always keep ice cream, this company makes a very good one!!!

I recognise the box… I like what it is… let’s hope I get some… because that is unluckily not to be given for granted… sigh… Let me get closer in the meantime…

Evil human!!! She left it in the corner to wait for me… BIG telling off!!! She made a fool of me… Telling off with the camera… sigh… Will I get some or not?

Normally I am very good at staying away from the table, there some moments though in which I am very naughty: when I see a cake, ice cream … or… in a very strange moment…: say that I am at the restaurant and I miss my blanket. Well, after a while, since I hate lying on the cold floor with no blanket, I sometime put my very nice face on the table to support the heavy content of my head… to show my humans how desperate I am not to have something to lie down on… Let me see if I have a picture in the “archive” to show you:

I have a lot of brain and it does weight a lot you know… 🙂

So, since it is the women’s day, we had a cup each… I had cream, whereas my human had stracciatella (I cannot have it because there is chocolate in it :()… So today, I tell you a secret recipe… My human’s favourit… Her own recipe: the best ice cream you can have is … stracciatella or cream with… ta dah…. MACINE!!!!

Macine are a famous brand of biscuits in Italy! You probably know the company that makes them,  it is a very famous italian one, Barilla.

Well, you need to take a biscuit (or more if you can …. depends on how many you can afford… but today is a party, we cannot talk about diet, can we):

You need to crush it or them into your ice cream…. and the result is that the ice cream tastes at the best!!!! You have the soft of the icecream, with the little bits of the biscuits… YUMMY… SUPERYUMMY!!! Yes, I had my share too!!! Lucky eh?

See how careful I am to eat it all?

Unbelievable, I had my cup without any requirement for a sit, down, paw, twist, bow … nothing at all… really a party… Anytime they give me something I have to do something before, they call it earn my living :(, do you have any idea what these humans are talking about? They are nuts… but tonight my living was for free!!!

To complete the evening… me and my human on the sofa!!! Since I am not allowed on the sittingroom’s sofas, when my human wants to watch something with me… look what the weirdo does!!!

Takes a chair, puts the PC on it and … grabs me by the neck to keep me next to her!!! Crazy human!!! (well, yes she needs to grab me for a few minutes, or I go to my pillow or on the carpet… near but not too near… I keep some distance you know!!!)

I was not so shy tonight though, she still had some ice cream in her cup… may I have some more? NO WAY… You do not come to terms with ice cream with my human… It is hers and she will have it all… 😦

Anyway, as I was saying, it was a girlie night, so again… time for some episodes of … guess what? Sex and the City…. Sigh… I know it by heart…. together with some other silly films my human watches over and over…. (but she has also better tastes than this… ;), Mario is safe!!!)

Like my party? If you pass by, I can ask my human to give you some ice cream… till she gets some too, she is always glad to offer it!!! You are all invited!

Ciao Lucille


About Lucille

Live and let the others live, that's my motto!
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6 Responses to 8th March, Womens’ Day? Let’s party …

  1. The OP Pack says:

    We would love to come to your party, Lucille. We all love ice cream and those biscuits look so good. We know Barilla as a pasta maker, but maybe that is a different Barilla:) That is a very nice blanket your Mom made – too bad those pups can’t get up and play with you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Hi Lucille,
    Thanks for your visit to our blog, that looks like it was a nice party you had, and your new blanket is lovely. The ice – cream looks delicious too.

    We hope you are having a good week. 🙂

  3. Carol from Down Under says:

    Hi Lucille, oh your new blanket is lovely. You are a lucky girl. Fancy getting to share some ice cream without doing anything for it. You had such good manners too. Its nice to have a girls night in isn’t it? Next time you can choose the movie. I wonder what it would be? Hello to Nicoletta and Mario too. Take care all, no worries, love Carol.

  4. Ok our human just got all excited and started talking about eating ice cream and how she wished those biscuits were in New Zealand supermarkerts!

    We would definitly like to come to your party! Though we would have a very epic journey to get there :p

    It looks like you had a very enjoyable Womans Day 🙂

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  5. Lincoln says:

    Hi Lucille !

    Just been visiting your blog for the first time today ! We do not live so far away from one another as I live in France !
    I really loved all your adventures and think you are really lucky to have a sofa of your own! Gave me some ideas… I NEED to talk to my humans !!

    Will keep you posted on the quest for the sofa thing 🙂

    lots of love

  6. Oh Lucille!!! I am drooling all over the computer machine!!!! You know I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice-cream! I usually get the fruit sorbets, though, coz I am a bit “dairy-intolerant” so I can get a funny tummy if I have too much cream or yoghurt or milk – just like Hsin-Yi, hee! hee!

    Hsin-Yi says that biscuit & ice-cream combination sounds DELICIOUS!!! Wish we could try that. She does like it someimtes when we can get “Cookies & Cream” flavour – and they have bits of chocolate biscuits mixed in with the cookies.

    Ooh, yes – I love having a Girls Night too! Did you see the post I did back when we were still in Auckland and Paul had to go back to the UK? And me & Hsin-Yi had a Girls Week – ha! Ha! We watched all her favourite movies – like Dirty Dancing and Bridget Jones and Pride & Prejudice (the BBC one with Colin Firth!). I have to say, though, Hsin-Yi isn’t as into Sex & The City – she finds Carrie very annoying and thisnk she wears ridiculous, unrealistic clothes! 😉

    Honey the Great Dane

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