I had a present: a new sofa all for me!!! (quite…)

I had a present yesterday, can you believe it?

My humans said that my old sofa was no longer very comfy for me… They noticed that I was spending more time on my other beds, so I convinced them that it was high time to replace it.

My old sofa, the one you are used to see, was actually made up by two seats, and due to my gentle weight, they frequently separate, and I was a bit uncomfortable with a hole between the two under my precious belly… So… here I am checking out my new sofa!!!

There is an interesting smell coming from this sofa… wonder if they had dogs or cats in the shop….???

I must check what comes into my house you know… I want to be sure it is 100% fine for my precious wellbeing…

I am very thorough you know when it comes to verify my things!!!

Hallo, anybody in there???

It passed the smelling test, let me see if it is comfy enought… Looks good to me…

How tiring… I think I will relax a bit now… Forgive me if I take a quick nap…

There is of course no piece when you try to sleep…

Why did you have to touch my mouth? You like me more now? What? I look like a Hyppo? How there you… No respect for a sleeping dog…

See what my ugly human comes up with…

Cheers!!! Don’t you think that I am too good a dog and that my human would deserve to be snapped???

Let me hide a bit so that I can get my sleep in quiet and peace!!!

Ciao Lucille 🙂


About Lucille

Live and let the others live, that's my motto!
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11 Responses to I had a present: a new sofa all for me!!! (quite…)

  1. Mango says:

    You are so lucky to have your own sofa.

    Yup, my humans play with my lips like that too. Not very dignified.


  2. Carol from Down Under says:

    Oh Lucille, you are a very lucky girl to get your own sofa (almost). I love the picture of you and Mario. Also the picture of your face. Gorgeous. Take care Lucille, no worries, love Carol.

  3. The OP Pack says:

    Love that shot of your squishy lips, Lucille – so kissable:)

    Your humans treat you very well – not every pup has their own sofa. Lucky Lucille.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Woah your own couch!!! I like how you stuck your head in!!! hehehe

  5. Wow – a new couch for you. We love that concept.

  6. You are so lucky Lucille – your very own couch! We aren’t allowed on furniture, *humph*! Your one is a very nice colour – I(Jasper) think it would go very nicely with me coat colour as I am blue as well 🙂

    We think us danes are very tolerant of all the silly things our humans do to us! Ours do the exact same things to use as your humans do to you – Like makiing us look like hippos and liftin gour lips off to show our teeth, *sigh* they are so immature!

    We are glad you like the theme change of our blog, we can never decide which one we like :p

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  7. Homer says:

    Oh wow! A new sofa… FOR YOU! Lucky dog! And you are so generous to share your sofa with Mario!

    You look nothing like a hippo… no way! You are gorgeous! Booti-ful!


  8. Oh my God, Lucille – a new Sofa??!! I am SOOOO jealous!!! You know I am not allowed on the furniture at all so I was always envious of you with your old sofa – but now you have this beautiful new one!! It looks much bigger and more comfortable, with arms on the sides…we LOVE the photo of Mario cuddling with you – his smile is just gorgeous!

    And yes, I also get that humiliation of my human playing with my face when I’m sleeping! Humph! And they wonder why we don’t want to sleep close to them?? How would they like it if somebody kept poking their faces when they are sleeping!
    (But I must say, though, we just ADORED that photo of you with your jowls all spread out – Hsin-Yi SQUEALED coz you know she has this weird obsession with jowls – she just loves them! I think it is great that you have “proper” jowls like a proper Dane!! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

  9. Lincoln says:

    Lucille don’t be upset I think you don’t look like an hippo at all! Actually I think you look really pretty! If only you lived closer to me 😦

  10. Zola the Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl says:

    Nice work Lucille!

  11. Branson says:

    I love your blog! That is cool that you live in Italy. I live in Puerto Rico, but would love to live there. Your new bed is awesome. Until we bark again,
    Branson the Great Dane

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