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My Romeo, Homer, is leaving Italy for new adventures!!!

You all know Homer, famous Homer Beadling, don’t you? Well, he is a famous jet set traveller, made more heart broken girls than James Bond, more fans than George Clooney… Let alone being gorgeously handsome :)!!! He spent a year … Continue reading

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Paris & Lincoln’s French Contest!

Thank you everybody for your concerns about my health. It is something perfectly normal, it is a beahaviour that makes it possible within a pack to have more females help in growing up the puppies :), but of course it … Continue reading

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I am having the blues… again!!!

Once again, here I am… I am sad… very sad… I miss puppies! Quite right, another false pregnancy… My human is thinking of lending me to the local “RSPCA” to help the little puppies that have been abandoned or have … Continue reading

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Spring time in my garden … with major gophers????

Some of you expressed quite an interest to where I live… Well, I thought I could start telling you about my garden :)! I have a nice big garden and recently I started noticing the first flowers blooming…!!! Please do … Continue reading

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Dogya… some more…

As soon as my human finished the post I offered the most beautiful position of the year… My human was looking at me with the evil eye (not really :)), but she could not avoid to take some pics :)!!! … Continue reading

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Dog yoga exercises…

My friend Tucker is having a contest in these days… It is a photo contest about dogs doing yoga! I am too lazy even to do yoga these days, I no longer do real nice complicated positions… I will try … Continue reading

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Breakfast with Zoe at the pastry’s shop

Today my human had a great idea… She did not want to have breakfast at home… For a change, she said she wanted to go to the pastry shop to have “capuccino” and a proper pastry! Mario agreed and we … Continue reading

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