Don’t touch my back… I am a “Fashion Real Victim!!!

Hallo, remember my face? Yes it is me all right, Lucille!

Where was I?

Well, nothing special… the worst attack of laziness of my human 😦 and … tah dah… you no longer know anything about me!

I am fine, now, but I made my humans tremble a bit – or perhaps a bit more than just a bit – in the last month.

I guess everything started after a nice saturday walk. It is really freezing here in this season. We had gone for our walk and we had gone to a nice place where I could run freely. I guess I was very warm after running around. Later we stopped at a pastry and coffee bar where I could not get inside, so we sat in the tables outside – for dog owners and smokers.  The idea was to stay there just for the time to take the coffee and pastries (one for me too :D), but a couple of friends of my humans appeared and … the five minutes had become 45 minutes… I must have caught a cold, I had run plus I had no coat on me!!!!

Or this was what my humans first thought when I started acting weird on the sunday… I am not the most slobbery among danes, but on sunday morning I was really slobbery… I wanted to go out and when in the garden noone was able to catch me to come inside… Very weird… I never want to stay alone in the garden – they have to force me to do so…. The only way to catch me was to take the leash and pretend we were going out for a walk, so I would go to the gate where my human would grab me….

Note from my human: Everything can happen but that your dog, the one you have with you since four years, changes temperament so suddenly is very strange… plus all the slobber… not only that… she even started to tremble a lot…  We called the emergency number on sunday afternoon and than we took her to the vet the monday morning immediately after…

But my conditions were not improving and I started to ache in the back. Whenever my humans touched me the back I would ache… I started not to lie down… well the minimum possible…  I could spend hours around the sitting room like a horse…

So we decided to make some xrays…. This is my beautiful spine:

You might spot that there are some new calcification between the disks… well those can cause ouchies. Problem is that the vet suspects that I might have had an inflammation among the disks.

It is quite frequent for us big doggies to have arthrities, some of us have the luck of getting it later, I started a bit soon… Now we have to keep monitoring my situation to understand how fast the process is. Hopefully I can cope with it as many other doggies are doing.

In the meantime I am taking supplements to help me recover and slow the process down.

One of the things my human is also looking at is that she needs to make sure that I am always warm… so … for my additional misfortune she started dressing me up!!!

This is my very first coat – it is really one year old and my human had purchased it because it should protect me also from light rain:

Let me take you to my catwalk of my dog coats!!!! Here I am ready for the outfit of spring 2012… Light raincoat that has soft fleece inside that you can remove when it becomes warmer 😀

Don’t you think I look a bit dressed up like Dracula???

Front view 🙂

Side view 😀

This coat is very good, but it is not too comfy to be kept during the night. The wrap around the chest is not very reliable. So my human had the idea to try and create one herself for me… What a bad idea…!!!

Well she had already tried once can you remember? For those who missed it check my post “Who do I look like today“!!!

But it was not really that nice, plus it was done quite quickly and it broke after a day… it was a blanket turned into a pijiama and the sewing was not so strong…

I hate dog coats and dresses – I really HATE them :(!!!

But I do not have that much of an option have I since I cannot undress by myself!!!

So my human started to train to become a pro in dog coats… see her in action:

She really believed she could do it…  Can you see her concentration?

Well, I tell you apart from some curtains this was her first attempt with the sewing machine… not only this… but she worked out the model of the coat by herself… she did not like my dracula coat, but starting from that and thinking about the horse’s blanket she created this….:

What do you think, do you like it? Well at least it is really very warm…

Catwalk this time is the street:

Some clients wishing to check the product:

Hei, do it politely!

A bit of respect for a lady!

But my human was not happy yet – she believed Honey’s pijiama must have been more comfy than mine… So she tried again!!! See the result:

Catwalk takes place in the kitchen this time!!!

Well the model is nice, I love the collar, I like the grey finishing touch around my legs, but it is a bit too strict… and I am not too comfy…

My grandma was a bit envy, so she helped my human and I got another coat… this is very girly… it has ribbons on the neck and on the back. Catwalk in the sitting room this time!

Lovely eh?

So lovely I tried to escape to the kitchen… with no success…

Can you see how nicely this covers my behind? Human and grandma human made it like this so that it can not move around…

My human says she has not got anything so colourful and nice for her to wear in the summer!!! She says I look like I am headed to the beach! I think she has some problems…

But again, I do not feel too comfy in it (no one will ever be), it is fine for the day, but for the night, I feel too tight…

So… another creation on its way: how do you like this one?

and now… a behind the scene exclusive shot:

Coat was still in creation and I was following my human to the bathroom to beg her to free me….!!!!

Now, you will wonder how comes I get a blue coat…. It is more for a boy… Well, this coat in reality has not been designed for me… the victim is a different one… I am just presenting it! It is really going to be someone else’s coat… I asked my human to give it as a present to Max, my brother, that is currently going around dressed with his human’s pullover… (I hope not too much around)

I truly hope he will send me a picture of him dressing it, but he still has to come and collect it, I would love to show you Max wearing it to check how it fits him! Yes and share the shame :P!!!

Hope you all liked my selection of Coats and dresses!!!

So Mango, what do you think, can I try an entry as a Fashion Real Victim in your Mango Minster’s 2012 competition ;)???? I would love to give it a try in the “Too Darn Cute” category…

I am so happy to be finally back, I will come to see your blogs soon, I have months to catch up with, I am so curious to learn wha you have been doing!!!

See you soon,


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Live and let the others live, that's my motto!
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15 Responses to Don’t touch my back… I am a “Fashion Real Victim!!!

  1. Mango says:

    Miss Lucille,
    I am so sorry that Too Darn Cute is full and the deadline for entries approaches. If you can redo your post a bit for Cracker Critters, Working Stiffs, or Bad Sports and let me know within the next few hours, there is still time to get in. I am sorry to be such a meanie, but it is hard on our judges to consider all contestants and so I need to make sure they have enough time.

  2. Mango says:

    I did not get an updated entry from you before momma closed up the competition for the year. I am sorry if there was any miscommunication. I hope you will enjoy the show. Remember for next year that MM entries always close at the start of February.


    • Lucille says:

      thank you very much for your concern!!!
      Don’t worry about me missing the entry, I am so happy my human decided to finally make a post that it is like I won the competition!
      I will be around looking at what my brave buddies have entered, looks like a lot of fun 😀
      Lucille xxx

  3. Hi Lucille, you poor girl having back trouble. We really hope the medicine helps and you don’t ache anymore. Your human is very clever making all those coats for you and we understand you have to have it for medical condition. Perhaps you could ask your human to put a sign on to say that, you know – so other dogs won’t think you insisted on wearing them? LOL

    Lots of love,

    Finn & Kai xx

    • Lucille says:

      Thank you very much for your nice wishes…
      I feel much better already, at least I no longer ache when my human touches my back now, but I truly scared them a lot!!!
      Thanks for the tip about the sign to put on the coat, I think I will put it, great idea!!!
      Ciao Lucille

  4. HI Lucille, we are so glad to see you. Oh your poor back. We send you gentle hugs and soft kisses to make you feel better. We think your mum is very clever to make you so many coats. Our mum is hopeless and cannot even sew a button on straight!! We love the first one made, the grey one. It looks so very soft and also warm for your back.

    We hope you are feeling better very soon. So glad to hear from you. We missed you sweetie pie. See you soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory x x

  5. Oh Lucille!!! Well, first, since my human has been talking to yours lots on email about your back ouchie, I won’t repeat all of that here again! But just from me to you – I really hope you feel 100% back to your old self soon! By the way, I am no expert but I couldn’t see anything in your spine in your X-ray! It looked so good to me! 😛

    You have such a talented human! Believe me – do not complain. If you had Hsin-Yi for your human, you would not just be a Fashion Victim – you would be a Fashion End-Of-World Disaster. She cannot even sew a button on straight – imagine her trying to make clothes!!!!! 🙄 She would probably make something that has your bum coming out of the head hole…

    Anyway, I have to confess – I personally love to wear clothes. I love it when winter comes and I get to wear my pyjamas to bed – sometimes even during the day, if it is extra cold! 🙂 I can’t understand why you don’t enjoy it? Especially those soft, fleecy outfits! Oh! And I must say – I really like the colour of Max’s coat! Even though it is “blue for boys” but it is so bright and pretty – with a lovely cute design! You must make sure you take pictures when he finally comes to pick it up – I can’t wait to see him in it!!

    I also think your outdoor coat is very smart! We are really impressed that your human can come up with the idea for the design and where to put all the fastenings, etc. It looks really snug & cosy. My favourite, though, is your baby pink pyjama – that looks so girly & lovely! 🙂

    Oh – and you know I am so happy that you’re back active in Blogland again!! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. Tucker says:

    Sorry abouts the back ouchies. I understand the cold part. DO you know that tonight it will be -15 F here? Yes, very cold – I will stay inside. I do wear coats when I go out, I loves them,

    woof – Tucker

  7. Sorry to hear about your back ouchie Lucille! We are sure your humans will do all they can to help it get better 🙂 Our humans Mum’s do has had arthristis for many many years now and is still doing really well, the supplements have helped a lot and she still really enjoys going our for walks 🙂

    Gosh, you will have a full wardrobe by the time your human has finished making the perfect coat for you! We have coats for in the winter, they are exactally like horse covers, they are so cozy and warm, we sleep in them 🙂

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

    • Lucille says:

      Thank you Lexi and Jasper,
      knowing about your mum cheers me up a lot 🙂
      If you happen to see her could you ask her what supplement she is using?
      Of course each one of us reacts differently…

      To tell you the truth, I quite got used to my coat and I like sleeping in it now 😉
      As you, I prefer the first one my human made, the blue one that looks like a horse coat – it gives me more freedom and is very very warm!

      Ciao Lucille 🙂

  8. Oh Lucille! Im sorry to hear about your back! I have to say Im very impressed with all the coats! I love the pink one with the collar! So fancy! hehe
    Hope your medicine makes you feel better!

  9. Lincoln says:

    Lucille !! It’s been aaaaages !
    So sorry I did not come here sooner, does not mean I’m not thinking about you, just gor verrrrry busy !
    I can’t believe you’ve got so many coats ! You look very nice ! I love the one with the frogs on it !!!! I only have one coat and it’s a red one which makes me look like Santa. Oops

    Hope you are OK, have a nice weekend!!
    Talk soon,


  10. bigdogzola says:

    Ciao Lucille
    I hope your back feels better soon..I like the sophisticated Italian black coat on you for the ‘out in town look’…very chic..but it does not look at comfortable as the flower fleece at home that looks snuggly xx Your human is doing a wonderful job at making you a wardrobe full of super coats..maybe she could make you a jungle coat..zebra or giraffe!! heehee
    Glad to see you back and I’m sorry to hear about your ouchie. xx

  11. What a collection of accessories that any girl wouyld be proud of! Carry round comfort – imagine just having your favourite blanket always at your disposal. Will have to suggest getting something similar to our owners because prevention is certainly better than cure. I hope the back problems get sorted Lucille – all the best! Maya & Nala

  12. oh dear…I just left a comment but it disappeared…maybe it’s in your Spam folder?

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