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Live and let the others live, that's my motto!

Hi there, I am 9 years old!

Hi! Look who is back! It is so long away from my blog that my human friend Nicoletta did not rememeber how to log on… can you believe it? Yes you surely can, because humans are all weird. So, where … Continue reading

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Raining outside… Party inside …

July should be the hottest month of the year in Italy… well, not this year :(! Never mind, it was even better inside, we were nearer to the things that really count… FOOD!!! Ciao Lucille & Max

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Happy Birthday to me… today I am seven!!!

Hi everybody, remember me? I am a bit older and I have a bit more white on my face… today I am seven years old! Tonight i am having a party with my brother Max!!!! Love, Lucille

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Don’t touch my back… I am a “Fashion Real Victim!!!

Hallo, remember my face? Yes it is me all right, Lucille! Where was I? Well, nothing special… the worst attack of laziness of my human 😦 and … tah dah… you no longer know anything about me! I am fine, … Continue reading

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My shining night life …

Hi there… What are you thinking? A date with George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Colin Farrell??? No, nothing like that… I do not really care about meeting them… may be my human would…  but I could not care less…!!! May … Continue reading

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Who do I look like today?

A bit of background to the disappointing activity performed by my human tonight… Due to the lack of decision of my anxious human I am having a new false pregnancy…. so I try and give her a lot of company … Continue reading

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Naughty girl? Never…

Hallo my friends, I have been a bad friend for you… I disappeared for a while and I practically stopped coming to see you… but I will be back soon properly to update you on what I have been doing … Continue reading

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Surprise, surprise… I was on holiday and I met Hsin-Yi and Paul!!!

Hi everybody, sorry to have been away for so long!!! Work but also holiday time kept me away from you all :(. I have not been able to come over and say Hi yet, but I am very curious to … Continue reading

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My first dance routine…

You all heard about the famous doggie competion that Honey and Hsin-yi organised in april, haven’t you? Well, we decided we would try and give it a go!!! Since we were all amateurs, Honey and her human provided us with … Continue reading

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I am a devil … born for Mondioring

My humans are very busy with the garden, and I truly think they are not spending as much time as they should with me on weekends. This weekend in particular, we were all here together, but all they were interested … Continue reading

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