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Hi there, I am 9 years old!

Hi! Look who is back! It is so long away from my blog that my human friend Nicoletta did not rememeber how to log on… can you believe it? Yes you surely can, because humans are all weird. So, where … Continue reading

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Raining outside… Party inside …

July should be the hottest month of the year in Italy… well, not this year :(! Never mind, it was even better inside, we were nearer to the things that really count… FOOD!!! Ciao Lucille & Max

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My first dance routine…

You all heard about the famous doggie competion that Honey and Hsin-yi organised in april, haven’t you? Well, we decided we would try and give it a go!!! Since we were all amateurs, Honey and her human provided us with … Continue reading

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What did I do this last month that I disappeared? An update…!

Hi everybody! Sorry I disappeared again… same story, so boring isn’t it? Plenty of my friends are posting regularly, at least they try to, and I happen to disappear for about 4 weeks… unacceptable I would say… I think I … Continue reading

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Moon Festival… I celebrated it too…

I truly liked Honey’s post about the chinese tradition to have a festival for the Moon, I found it really sweet… My humans are often with their nose up in the air looking at the sky… They sometimes drive up … Continue reading

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