A surprise for me… a surprise for… Lincoln!!!

I left you with my previous post that we were about at Easter time…

But a bit before that there was the cut off date of Lincoln‘s French contest, remember?

Well, it was already a busy time for my human (what a news) and I had only sent a picture  instead of sending a video as required by the contest…. Here it is:

Well, to my greatest surprise, Lincoln is such a gentleman, that he sent me a present anyway!!! Look, I got mail!!!!

Yes it is all for me!!!! Can you see it is for Lucille!!!!! I am Lucille!!!!

I was so happy that I wanted to tear it into pieces to see what was inside, but my humans wanted to keep trace of the moment and take some pictures!!!!

But I wanted to open it myself, it is mine not hers! There are lots of biscuits inside!!! Very yummy!!! I could smell them immediately!!! And not only them…

Before I ate them all (well, I would if my human had not stopped me), we made a photo of all the presents:

Like a real gentleman Lincoln put a letter inside for me together with his picture, isn’t he adorable? I had a big bag of biscuits and guess what… badges!!! One says “I love Lucille” and the other one has my face on it!!! My human was crazy about them… infact I am sure she will keep them for herself… 😦

Thank you very much Lincoln!!!! Many thanks to your human too that helped you prepare the present!!!

Well I am so happy that I think I owe you something Lincoln… a little surprise….

In all honesty, we were really doing some work to learn a command in french… pity is that the time we have, me and my human, to work together is always so tight… the command had to be “croiset” and I had to learn to cross my paws…

When we were running out of time, my human decided to make a change, and put it into something funny that I was really good at… and for you, here is the video that proves it:

Am I not a great one to do everything necessary to… eat a baguette!!!????!!!! 😉

Pity is that you closed the contest on time, whereas we were filming the last part of this on the 19th… and my human is sooooo clumsy when it comes to video editing that we were far too late for the contest!!!

Hope you enjoy it anyway :)!!!

Ciao Lucille

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What did I do this last month that I disappeared? An update…!

Hi everybody!

Sorry I disappeared again… same story, so boring isn’t it? Plenty of my friends are posting regularly, at least they try to, and I happen to disappear for about 4 weeks… unacceptable I would say… I think I will strike! No more sits, down, spin and let’s see what she does!

Anyway, in case you were wondering where I have been, let me start from the middle of april when you lost sight  of me…

While I was trying to recover from the news that it was not a joke and that Homer was in a far away land called Singapore looking for a new soul mate, 😉 only joking, he is my friend and an absolute adorable gentleman that I will truly miss, my beautiful friend and niece Shaina had her birthday party!!! She got 5 years old!!! Yeppa Yeppa!!!

I had been invited by Shaina, even if some humans were complaining about my presence among so many children, but my humans took me and again I gave full proof that we, doggies, can be very educated and polite, that cannot always be said for all humans, you know ;), whether they are relatives, friends… or enemies!!!

I did have a nice time there, pity I could not break all the balloons that were there, had to keep as much as possible apart, but kids kept coming to me to keep me good company, and we were really good soulmates! Plenty of tricks together!

The good part of being to a party is that there is a lot of food… most of it I cannot have as it upsets my belly, but I did have a piece of cake for me and… doggie biscuits!!!

A week later it was Easter time… you know what evil thing humans do at Easter… they eat… well, my humans do not, but lots of people does … eat… lamb… OK, I eat it and I like it, but my humans are a bit weird about this subject… Anyway, I thought to go back to the place I had gone last year and have a look if the flock of sheep was where I had found it (remember my experience)?

Unluckily they were not there… my human truly wishes this means that there was no market requests…. Would be nice to think this is true 🙂

You see I really looked carefully…

I still have other things to tell you, but I must go now…

I have my training to do for the DTWDS and we are pretty bad at the moment, so we need to go practicing… ;)!!!

Ciao Lucille

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My Romeo, Homer, is leaving Italy for new adventures!!!

You all know Homer, famous Homer Beadling, don’t you?

Well, he is a famous jet set traveller, made more heart broken girls than James Bond, more fans than George Clooney… Let alone being gorgeously handsome :)!!! He spent a year in Italy, just about the time to steal my heart…. and now rushes away :(…

That is not true, of course, but we had really become very good friends ;)!

Homer’s human, well known Missus, sometimes also called Vanessa 🙂 made some great posts about our meetings playing on the beaches of lake Garda, I attach a link to them if you like to have a look at them:

this first one was done last week and we also had a video taken while we are playing in the water (only Homer really is), this other instead dates back a few months, October:

Aren’t we a very nice couple?

We could really get on well, you know…

I could not believe why he liked water and balls so much, but you have to allow men some freedom, when it is not for a fur-four legged female competitor:

Look at the style he has …:

I waited for him to come back and see if he had really found the ball… you know… in all that water you have to be good at it…!!!

Homer, where have you gone?

So I guess I will need to wait here patiently till he comes back to Italy again…

Homer, let us know when you are arrived in…. ????….  Check it out here! We need to know all about your new travelling adventure :)!

Have a safe journey Homer, same to Bill and Vanessa of course!!!


Lucille & Humans 🙂

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Paris & Lincoln’s French Contest!

Thank you everybody for your concerns about my health. It is something perfectly normal, it is a beahaviour that makes it possible within a pack to have more females help in growing up the puppies :), but of course it does have side effects, like that I am sad, but above all that I have milk in my breast that could cause an infection, since I am not giving it to any puppies… To make it go away I have to take a disgusting medicine that it is based on hormons and of course this is not good either… I will keep you posted on what my humans will decide about getting me operated…

Add to this that my best friend, my Romeo is having plans to move from Italy, you can understand I cannot be that happy, can I?

Anyway, I was almost missing my deadline as to partecipate in Lincoln’s French Contest! How could I not take part in it!!! Problem is that with the works in the garden and my cloudy mood, my human was not able to teach me anything new…

She wanted to cheat and show something I already knew and change the word to be a french one but it would not have been fair and I would get totally confused…. So…. ta da…..

 Here I am in Paris!

Well, as if I had gone to Disneyland in Paris ;)!!!

This is a present that Mario took back to my human when he went there last year. Lucky him, he was in Paris for a training with his company and the location they selected was very neer the amusement park, so he would go in every night to have fun!!! Lucky eh?

Speak to you soon, yes the video you are all waiting is soon on its way ;)!!!

Ciao Lucille

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I am having the blues… again!!!

Once again, here I am… I am sad… very sad… I miss puppies! Quite right, another false pregnancy… My human is thinking of lending me to the local “RSPCA” to help the little puppies that have been abandoned or have lost their mum… Anyway,  for the time being I act as if I am very miserable, misunderstood doggie…

As you can see from my nose, I have been digging…

Put some effort into that as well as you can see…

When I am so sad, I try and hide in holes… Till my humans are working in the garden, I found they left a secret passage open under the entrance stairs… lucky me:

Can you see me???

Would be a great place to play hide and seek….

Why do you look at me… are you ever sad and willing some privacy?

I wish you went away …

Ok, understood, you do not stop taking pictures till I come out… fine… here I am!!!

Yes, I know, now you will find a way to sabotage my secret place hmph :(!

In the evening Lucille was still very depressed, did not want anything to eat and it was quite difficult to drag her out for the last trip before her sweet dreams:

Is it really that necessary????

Let me stay here… look at my evil eye… I have even the dracula’s tooth out…:

To all Lucille’s friends: do not worry, she will be fine very quickly, don’t worry about this!

She was sad, but had enough energy to do something naughty today… We will tell you about it as soon as we finish to edit the video ;)!!!

Lucille & Nicoletta

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Spring time in my garden … with major gophers????

Some of you expressed quite an interest to where I live… Well, I thought I could start telling you about my garden :)!

I have a nice big garden and recently I started noticing the first flowers blooming…!!!

Please do not ask me the name of the flowers, my human does not even know them in italian, let alone how they translate into english…

Yes, correct, she is not much of a gardener, but she is putting efforts into it… She loves wide green places…  Trees, grass and animals, dogs and horses! But my garden in the past years it really pretty much looked like the Addams family’s garden, believe me!

I will keep you informed about this year’s version, but it looks a bit better than last year at least as a start… but… I think we have big gophers in our garden!!! Why? Look here!!!

There are big holes everywhere! What is happening to my garden???

Some evil creatures are digging while I am turning around :(!!! They must be the most monstrous gophers! No wait… my humans are saying we are doing works in the garden! Ahhh! that’s why I keep being locked inside while the sun is shining!!!

Are we saying this year I will have a REAL garden??? Stay tuned and I will let you know soon…

Ciao Lucille

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Dogya… some more…

As soon as my human finished the post I offered the most beautiful position of the year… My human was looking at me with the evil eye (not really :)), but she could not avoid to take some pics :)!!!

Mario please can you take some pics please? Look at Lucille!

I can still stretch well, thank you very much!

Do you like my very close profile?

Paws up!!!

Thanks Mario for your support in taking the pictures, so now that boring human will stop looking at me… I thought to call my lawyer to file a legal action against her for dogya stalking…!!!!

Ciao Lucille 😉

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Dog yoga exercises…

My friend Tucker is having a contest in these days… It is a photo contest about dogs doing yoga! I am too lazy even to do yoga these days, I no longer do real nice complicated positions…

I will try with this one of a few months ago… you will notice it is on my old sofa, not on the very comfy new blue one :)!

Ciao Lucille

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Breakfast with Zoe at the pastry’s shop

Today my human had a great idea… She did not want to have breakfast at home… For a change, she said she wanted to go to the pastry shop to have “capuccino” and a proper pastry! Mario agreed and we set off for the pastry shop! It is not that far away, and it is one of the walks we normally do when we go out!

Preparing to go out of my gate!

Waiting patiently the ok signal to go out! (do you like my funny face?)

I am out! Every time I get out I do a jump forward (no way I do not do it) to try and surprise the dogs that live two gates away from me, as to say “hei I am out, I am out!”

Than I get back to being a very polite girl!

When we got to the pastry shop, I had a surprise… next to the shop, there is a supermarket, a farmacy, and my Vets! Coming out of the vet, for just a check up, was my friend Zoe, so we invited both her and her human to come with us!!!!

Let me introduce you my friend Zoe!

Can’t you notice anything?

Well she is off leash! Yes, Zoe NEVER uses a leash! She is so well behaved that her human never uses it! Not even when she walks in the busiest roads!!!

My human was very sad at first, as she would never leave me offleash on a road where cars drive by…  You know, I could be a good girl, but what if I saw a cat? I could lose my head if a cat was passing by!!!

I remember my human losing 10 years of her life one day when my leash carabiner broke… I found myself freed in the middle of a cross road… I walked past it next to my human without problems, but than there was a dog on the other side of the road and I had to say hallo… wow, my human was desperate, but she was brave enough to walk straight as if nothing had happened and I followed without problem… so you know, I can stay without leash too!!! Still my human says no way… but.. she does not understand doggies’ rules… we have to say hallo when we meet!

Zoe is a black great dane and she is 11 years old! She now has grey fur, but believe me she is in fantastic good shape! Her human, Monique, is a great owner and she gets on very well my humans!

Anyway, other doggies were passing by, but we were the real attraction… let alone a free great dane… 😉 eh eh eh! You should have seen the faces of the people….

Some were looking at us with disgust… but the most were having a lot of fun and we got so many cuddles!!!

I was much more polite… I was there sitting politely… and looking around… well, mostly interested in the destiny of the remaining pastry left on the table….

I liked it a lot, hope my humans will take me here again next saturday :)!!!

Walking back I was a bit hot …. and it is only beginning of spring here!

I am definitely a bit thursty, can I get some water please? I know where it is…

How refreshing!!! 😉

Now can we hurry back home please? I feel like having a nice nap before lunch time… :)!!!

Ciao Lucille

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I had a present: a new sofa all for me!!! (quite…)

I had a present yesterday, can you believe it?

My humans said that my old sofa was no longer very comfy for me… They noticed that I was spending more time on my other beds, so I convinced them that it was high time to replace it.

My old sofa, the one you are used to see, was actually made up by two seats, and due to my gentle weight, they frequently separate, and I was a bit uncomfortable with a hole between the two under my precious belly… So… here I am checking out my new sofa!!!

There is an interesting smell coming from this sofa… wonder if they had dogs or cats in the shop….???

I must check what comes into my house you know… I want to be sure it is 100% fine for my precious wellbeing…

I am very thorough you know when it comes to verify my things!!!

Hallo, anybody in there???

It passed the smelling test, let me see if it is comfy enought… Looks good to me…

How tiring… I think I will relax a bit now… Forgive me if I take a quick nap…

There is of course no piece when you try to sleep…

Why did you have to touch my mouth? You like me more now? What? I look like a Hyppo? How there you… No respect for a sleeping dog…

See what my ugly human comes up with…

Cheers!!! Don’t you think that I am too good a dog and that my human would deserve to be snapped???

Let me hide a bit so that I can get my sleep in quiet and peace!!!

Ciao Lucille 🙂

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